Break the RTX 3060 mining limit?

Yesterday, some foreign netizens revealed that a Chinese MOD was posted on the Internet, which can break the mining limit of RTX 3060 and restore full blood. In their words, they are still very dissatisfied with the Chinese practice.

But soon, the reversal occurred.

Break the RTX 3060 mining limit?

Chinese people crack the RTX 3060 mining limit? The truth is a bit speechless

The original informant tweeted today that after carefully checking the performance data and consulting others, it can be confirmed that the cracking operation is not Ethereum, but another digital currency Octopus (CFX).

We know that RTX 3060 only restricts one currency of Ethereum, and the computing power is controlled at about half. For other digital currencies, RTX 3060 has no restrictions.

Chinese people crack the RTX 3060 mining limit? The truth is a bit speechless

He also gave a copy of the mining efficiency of RTX 3060 and RTX 3060 Ti for different digital currencies. It can be clearly seen that RTX 3060 will lose half on Ethereum, and everything else is normal.

However, the informant argued that the exposed images were absolutely real, and it was only because of too much cropping and incomplete information that there was a misunderstanding, and emphasized that in any case, the RTX 30 series graphics cards that gamers can buy are indeed not. Will be more.

As for the Vietnamese group that claims that the RTX 3060 Ethereum can reach 50MH/s and predicts that its price will skyrocket, there is no more talk.

Although it was pitted by the oolong, from another perspective, the RTX 3060 has not been cracked, which is obviously a good thing for gamers. Although it is still not easy to buy, at least it will not be seriously deteriorated.

I hope that it will never be cracked, and I also hope that the full range of RTX 30 can impose restrictions on all digital currencies-although the possibility is very small, after all, the huge and attractive profits are there. Today, there are still reports that a certain mine in Sichuan can be credited in one day. More than 63 million.

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