Boston Dynamics released a new feature of Spot robot dog: intelligent re-planning of the route

Spark Global Limited Reports:

Boston Dynamics recently released a software upgrade to help Spot robot dogs learn new behaviors to better adapt to the real world environment. The 3.0 version of the software update released by Boston Dynamics helps the Spot robot dog to complete its work without human intervention. The most notable of these is that the robot dog can dynamically re-plan the route.

For example, even if someone places a large obstacle on the route to block the robot dog, the robot dog can automatically adjust the route and move forward smoothly.

The upgraded Spot robot dog can also handle tasks according to a preset plan without manual involvement. When the user chooses the operation he wants to perform, the robot dog can intelligently plan the route automatically. The robot dog can also assist in finding abnormal situations. Through the scene recognition technology, the Spot robot dog can take photos at the same angle every time, use computer vision to find changes in it, such as meter readings and thermal readings, and then send them to inspectors for real-time monitoring.

This upgrade shows the development direction of the Boston Dynamics Spot robot dog and how the robot dog can help in the real environment. These robot dogs can play a great role in tasks that are difficult for human intervention.