Bezos’ suborbital flight next week

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Although Jeff Bezos may lag behind his rival Richard Branson in space flight, the US billionaire will still make history next week. He will participate in the unmanned suborbital space flight, and the aircraft members are all civilians, which is the first time in the world.

Bezos, Amazon’s former chief executive, will travel to the edge of space next Tuesday with four civilian astronauts on his company’s blue origin’s new Shepard launch system, scheduled for an 11 minute journey. This will be another milestone in the emerging field of space tourism.

His brother, private equity executive mark Bezos, legendary female pilot Wally funk, in her 80s, and an anonymous person who paid $28 million will also join Bezos on his space trip to board the spaceship launched in West Texas.

The new Shepard launch system is an 18.3-meter-high, fully automated rocket and capsule integrated system with no internal pilot. Three people familiar with the company’s plans said the crew were all civilians and there were no blue origin employees or professional astronauts.

The origin of blue also has its own professional astronauts. Nicholas Patrick, a senior astronaut of NASA, has been in space many times.

“Looking at the earth from space, it will change you, it will change your relationship with this planet and with human beings,” Bezos said of the space flight last month

Marco Caceres, an aerospace industry analyst at Teal group, said there had never been a fully automated suborbital space flight or an orbital space flight in which all crew members were civilians before.