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Recently, blogger @ I ice universe drew a rendering of Xiaomi mix 4@ I ice universe revealed that Xiaomi mix 4 has a hyperboloid screen shape, and the camera under the screen is invisible to the naked eye, so it performs well.

According to previous information, Xiaomi mix4 is equipped with off screen camera technology, which can effectively improve the screen shadow of the camera area, and truly hide the forward shot completely.

Best full screen flagship! Xiaomi mix 4 can’t be seen in front of the screen

As early as last year, Xiaomi officially announced its third generation of off screen camera technology. At that time, Xiaomi changed a real full screen Xiaomi mobile phone with the top version of Xiaomi 10.

This time, the biggest feature of Xiaomi mix 4 screen camera technology is to solve the problem of camera shadow in the previous generation technology, and realize the visual effect of real full screen, which can be called the best solution.

It is worth noting that, due to the complexity of the technology of forward photography under the screen, the resolution of Xiaomi’s mix4 is FHD +, not 2K + on Xiaomi’s 11 Ultra. The chip uses the Qualcomm snapdragon 888 plus processor and also supports 120W wired fast charging.

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