Beat Apple and Samsung! Xiaomi Q3 gobbled up more than 40% of the CENTRAL and Eastern European 5G phone market

Spark Global Limited reports:

Market research institutions in the latest report pointed out that In addition to becoming the world’s leading 5G mobile phone manufacturer in Q3, Xiaomi succeeded in gaining a firm foothold in the central and Eastern European market with low prices and cost-effective, its production of 5G smartphones accounted for 42% of the total shipments in the Central and Eastern European market Q3…

According to the latest research by Market research agency Strategy Analytics, Xiaomi accounted for 42% of the total 5G smartphone shipments in Central and Eastern Europe in the third quarter of 2021, with an annual growth of 5,700%.

Vil-petteri Ukonaho, associate director at Strategy Analytics, said: “Xiaomi is the world’s leading Android 5G smartphone vendor in Q3 2021, while also maintaining a lead in Central and Eastern Europe. Xiaomi’s 5G smartphone shipments surpassed Apple and Samsung in the past year to become the top SELLER of 5G smartphones in central and Eastern Europe.”

“Xiaomi is expected to maintain its leading position in Central and Eastern Europe throughout 2021 and in 5G smartphone shipments in 2022,” said Wu Yiwen, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics. Xiaomi is taking advantage of Huawei’s absence and a portfolio of high-quality, affordable 5G smartphones like redmi Note 9T 5G and Mi 11 5G to go on the offensive.”

“Other vendors are not standing still,” said Ken Hyers, director of Strategy Analytics. “In Q3 2021, Apple ranked second in 5G smartphone shipments in Central and Eastern Europe, and this is its THIRD quarter 5G smartphone launch. Apple expects a strong fourth quarter for the iPhone 13, but the higher price will limit its reach in the region. Samsung ranked third with its more affordable 5G smartphone line, with an 11.5 percent share of 5G smartphone shipments in the region, down from 34.3 percent in the fourth quarter. Realme and OnePlus account for 7.2 per cent and 2.5 per cent of the top five 5G smartphone vendors in Central and Eastern Europe, respectively. While Realme made gains last year, Xiaomi accounted for the majority of smartphone shipments, while Apple accounted for a quarter of the market.”