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The dial on the back provides a magnetic attraction function, and the speed of blood recovery is very good with the fast charging chassis.

Give the whole watch a close-up. As Xiaobai who is trying smart watches for the first time, it is really hard to imagine that smart watches have made rapid progress in workmanship and configuration. At the same time, it can be seen that Jeep is indeed a crossover player. In “Play Really”. But whether the function will work or not, we still know after the actual test.

Battery life

First of all, the test must be battery life, because one of the reasons that prevented me from early adopters was the overall battery life of the smart watch. It is really cumbersome to charge for a long time.

The Jeep Black Knight uses magnetic charging, which is very simple to use with the bayonet. Compared with the charging mode of the body interface, it ensures the simplicity of the watch.

The total power of the entire watch is 700mAH. After 2 hours of normal use, including a series of operations such as listening to songs and measuring heart rate exercise, the battery life drops to 78%. Basically, one day’s use can be guaranteed.

Once connected, the green breathing light will start to flash and the watch will enter the fast charge mode. In terms of efficiency, it can be charged with 50% of the battery in about 25 minutes, and overall battery life is satisfactory.

system interface

After reading the battery life, the next step is naturally to study whether the system is good or not. You must know that the interaction logic of a watch is very different from that of a mobile phone. Many major manufacturers have overturned cars in this regard.

With the long press of the right button, the familiar jeep logo lights up with vibration. As an old sports off-road brand, it always makes people feel particularly hardcore.

The default Black Knight interface simulates the layout of the watch dial, adding heart rate, battery life, and step counter display items that users want to be clear at a glance. The metal dial feels pretty good and looks quite sharp.

The watch is easy to go hand in hand with the wifi at home. If there is nano sim, 4G Internet is also easy. The system will be updated as soon as the system is turned on.


As a smart watch, to be honest, my expectation at the beginning is to look at the health data and time is almost the same, but obviously the development of technology can guarantee the seamless connection of many functions on the watch side, such as WeChat, Alipay, phone calls, SMS and even Kuaishou, QQ Music, and non-heavy use watches are basically all included.

If you want to pick a few important functions to talk about, the first one must be the camera, after all, dual cameras are also the main function of FX1. The first reaction is that this is too Conan fan, just a Moori Kogoro to give me biubiubiu.

The camera is equipped not only to liberate just-needed functions such as scanning codes, but also to record small details of life at hand, and I seriously suspect that the product manager is an old driver who often encounters young ladies in the gym. In short, the camera function, especially the side camera, is still very interesting.

Not to mention the shortcomings, but in order to compromise on portability, the pixels of the camera can only reach the level of 5/2 million, and blockbuster movies are still worthy of mobile phones.

Another function commonly used in fitness is naturally music. I am very happy to see that the watch supports QQ music. After all, the green diamond is given to the car and the display effect of the lower interest screen is also displayed. The overall optimization is not bad, and there will be no unsightly Embarrassing situations that are clear or incomplete.

Of course, don’t worry about the lack of quality of public music, the Bluetooth headset is easy to connect, and it is cool to run every time.

As a sports watch, an overly complicated operation interface is obviously undesirable. Move to the right to open the APP, and pull down to be a shortcut switch. The Bluetooth wireless mobile data watch mode is basically included.

If you swipe left, you can see the main health data such as steps, weather, and heart rate. Want to go for a run? By looking at it, I know if today is another day at home.

On the whole, Black Knight’s system interface is simple to interact with, and the functions are enough for me, a light user, even if it’s the first-time beginner, it can quickly play.

Exercise monitoring

After talking about the system interface, it is natural to talk about the main use scenario of the watch-sports.

As a business sports fisherman, I am so well-behaved to book a gym near my home, but every time I go out with my mobile phone, I successfully enter the mobile phone mode after warming up. After all, are e-books not fragrant? Is it not happy for mobile games?

For me, smart watches may be a better subtraction, and the dynamic heart rate, PDR+GPS and other track monitoring configured by the Black Knight are more accurate than the equipment in the gym and can give clearer exercise guidelines.

The Dark Knight Rise of the Fan, Jeep Black Knight Smart Watch out of the box


It can be seen that in the exercise options, according to different modes, different contents such as walking, running, indoor running, etc. are separated, which facilitates the formation of more customized monitoring.

The Dark Knight Rise of the Fan, Jeep Black Knight Smart Watch out of the box


The feeling of running down the gym several times, it is true that professional monitoring is more comprehensive in helping sports. In addition to more accurate heart rate and calorie measurement, once the heart rate exceeds the fat-burning zone, or there is a problem with the pace, the watch will also vibrate to remind you to ensure the exercise effect.

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