Award soliciting | public test big players take you to double festival

Award soliciting | public test big players take you to double festival

It is said that there are only four times in the 21st century. The next two festivals will have to wait for another 16 years! Such a special festival, it seems to be a good celebration, as the most favorite to send welfare test girl, this welfare must not be less! If there is a prize, please come! Are you ready?


In order to make everyone have a good time to eat, drink and have fun, this time of soliciting contributions is from now on to October 28, which can be said that there is enough time! Not only that, the contribution welfare is also very heavy! We must actively participate in Oh!


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Topic words: ා big players ා (please take the topic with you when you submit a contribution, otherwise the contribution will not take effect. Please refer to the guide below for how to contribute)


Type of solicitation: graphic or video


Prize in kind:


No.1: Epson projector ch-tw650


No.2: Huawei tablet M5 Youth Version (mass tester)


Third place: urbanears remote headset


Fourth place: Magic claw Mini MX


Selection rules: according to the comprehensive factors of the manuscript’s home page, essence, and praise, etc. (the final selection result is based on the official announcement list).


Participation Award: contribution can be divided into 10000 points!


Partition rules: (number of individual contributions during the activity / total number of contributions during the activity) * 10000


The following topics can be referred to:

1. The “play strategy” of public beta players


Are you ready to travel for the 8-day holiday? How much did you get for the skill of photographing female tickets? What do you have to share during the trip? Come to chat with you in the form of contribution!


2. The “DIY of delicious food” of public testing players


As the saying goes: in this world, only food and love can not be let down! The Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon. Besides the traditional moon cakes, do you have any food tips? Come and admire me with your works!


3. “Good thing recommendation” of public beta players


As a public test player, the eyes of identifying items must be quite sharp! So what are the good things to start from September to October? Do you have any good suggestions for the babies who want to buy their hands? Welcome all players to recommend! All kinds of grass planting, pit guide quickly hit it!