ASUS Lingyao X dual screen

ASUS Lingyao X dual screen

Although it is the era of mobile Internet, for most people, laptops are still inseparable from productivity tools. And like other products, the form of notebook computers has been evolving in recent years. At the recent CES2021 exhibition, the Lingyao X dual-screen notebook launched by Asustek won the CES2021 Creative Award for its ingenious design. If the ScreenPad Plus touch screen has followed the previous generation’s originality, the liftable design further strengthens the product’s practicality and overall experience, and it deserves to be awarded the CES award.

ASUS Lingyao X dual screen
In the near future, we also experienced this product at ASUS media communication meeting. Let’s share with you our experience of this product.

Slim and lightweight

When going out to work, various scenes will be encountered, especially during the business trip, whether it is the sofa in the restaurant or the small table on the plane, it may become a temporary work area at any time. At this time, the design of notebook products is very important. First of all, the figure should not be too heavy, otherwise the experience of carrying it may affect the efficiency. Secondly, the experience in use must be convenient enough, and everything is for the purpose of improving efficiency. In this regard, the ASUS Lingyao X dual screen can be regarded as grasping the true meaning. Because of the introduction of a brand-new hinge design, the Lingyao X dual screen is also thinner and slender in figure, and the simple metal body also shows a low-key luxury.

From the actual experience, the body of about 1.55Kg and thinner of about 15.9mm makes the Lingyao X dual screen in the bag, although it is not insensitive, but compared to other 14-inch notebooks, it is still a really fragrant choice, ordinary Backpacks and even some portable bags can include this 14-inch laptop, and you can take it wherever you go on business. ?

Of course, as a media worker, personally, the keyboard input experience is a very worthy consideration. If there is no good entry experience, it is difficult to ensure work efficiency when going out, even if it is light and thin, such a product cannot be called a “qualified teammate”. In this regard, the Lingyao X dual screen is equipped with a full-size backlit keyboard with a 1.35mm keystroke. The keystroke performance is excellent. Even in long-term use, it can still maintain an excellent input experience and efficiency. It is just one sentence to cope with the test of multiple scenarios. The comment is “extremely suitable.” If there is a need for a small keyboard in daily work, a corresponding virtual small keyboard area can also be set on the secondary screen to realize rapid data entry. I believe everyone has noticed that the keyboard part of the Lingyao X dual-screen is slightly closer to the bottom. Taking into account the need for long-term continuous work, there will also be an invisible laptop stand to lift the body and improve the viewing angle.

Since it is a productivity tool, the convenience of expansion is also a factor that I need to consider when buying a computer. Lingyao X dual screen is different from some princess disease computers that are good at subtraction in this respect. Commonly used USB-A, USB-C ports, full-speed dual Thunderbolt4 ports are available, and the display output retains the widest application range. The full-size HDMI interface, in addition to headphones, card readers and other interfaces are also included, you can completely abandon the expansion equipment when going out to work.

Brand new liftable secondary screen-the finishing touch

The design of the secondary screen was the main selling point of the Lingyao X2 Duo last year. In the design of the Lingyao X dual-screen, the new liftable design is undoubtedly the finishing touch of this notebook, which makes better use of this ScreenPad Plus touch The advantage of the secondary screen. The ErgoLift hinge design that opens and closes with the screen allows this 12.65-inch secondary screen to be automatically raised and lowered within a range of 7°, for users not only to have a better viewing angle and brighter display, but also to achieve a perfect connection with the main screen. Enhance the sense of unity of the screen part.

Brand new liftable secondary screen-the finishing touch
In fact, from the perspective of hinge design, it is not easy to not only need to be thin and light, but also take into account the lifting function of the secondary screen. According to feedback from ASUS engineers, the hinge part has also encountered great challenges in the design process, and a lot of material and structure combinations have been made to verify that the overall strength can meet long-term stable use. According to the test of ASUS laboratory, the hinge part of the Lingyao X dual screen can withstand more than 24,000 non-stop use. Even if the user is opened and closed 10 times a day, it can ensure that there will be no problems for more than 6 consecutive years. Worries.

Another advantage that the secondary screen can be raised is the improvement in heat dissipation. The space at the bottom of the secondary screen has also been fully utilized by ASUS, adding dual cooling air ducts to build an AAS Plus wind tunnel system, allowing the air intake of the Lingyao X dual screens to be increased like an open hanging. In fact, in principle, this is also similar to the design of the small heel on the bottom of the computer. It improves the heat dissipation capacity by increasing the contact between the radiator and the air. On the other hand, ASUS has also made more detailed adjustments in the design of the fan blades, adding more fan blades, resulting in a larger diameter pressure ratio, and allowing the air volume to be further improved.

In the actual experience, the heat dissipation capacity of the Lingyao X dual-screen surface really does live up to expectations, and the C surface is only warm even under high load applications.

The advantages of dual screens are of course not only the coolness and the sense of technology on the surface, the 12.65-inch secondary screen has a world-wide difference compared to the narrow operating space of a TouchBar.


In use, the dual-screen experience and efficiency of the Lingyao X can be greatly enhanced through the linkage of the dual-screen. The applications used by the user can be displayed on the two screens simultaneously, or can be partitioned. This is for the design crowd. , Can undoubtedly be more intuitive and convenient operation, it can be called an unprecedented efficiency tool. In fact, this is not just a blessing to the design crowd. The Lingyao X dual-screen can play different advantages for investors, sound effects artists, hand-painters, and even heavy file processors who need multi-screen office. Through the characteristics of the secondary screen, you can find the gameplay that suits your daily application.


Through our on-site experience, we can clearly feel the overall improvement of the Lingyao X dual-screen. It not only digs deep into the practicality of the previous-generation dual-screen selling point, but also takes a breakthrough step towards excellence. Lightweight design and more outstanding performance can also bring greater help to the work. Maybe you haven’t realized your need for multi-screen, but I believe that as long as the mining of needs is slightly combined with some daily scenes, it is very easy to find. Once you experience the convenience of multi-screen, you will be completely addicted to it; especially for design , Creative people and other users who need multi-screen collaborative applications, the Lingyao X dual-screen is definitely a “magic weapon”. Of course, if you have higher requirements for productivity, you can also focus on the upcoming Lingyao X dual-screen Pro from Asus, equipped with RTX30 graphics cards, I believe it will not let you down.

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