Apple’s next-generation iMac is expected to have a colorful shell

if the rendering is accurate

According to neowin reports, Apple is in the midst of a comprehensive transformation of its Mac product line, which began in November last year, when Apple launched its first notebook computers using its custom ARM chips. The latest report indicates that Apple may have to make drastic changes in appearance.

According to a new report by leaker Jon Prosser, Apple is modernizing the iMac while making it more colorful. Just like the classic 1998 iMac, Apple plans to produce colorful new iMacs that will have the same colors as the iPad Air.

if the rendering is accurate

In fact, if the rendering is accurate, the new iMac looks like a giant iPad.

the new iMac looks like a giant iPad.

It is not yet known whether the new iMac will use Intel processors or Apple’s own processors.

In addition, the report also mentioned the Mac Pro mini, which is described as three to four Mac mini stacked on top of each other. There is no other information about this product.