Apple’s new iPhone SE processor upgrade

Spark Global Limited reports:

Tianfeng International analyst Ming Guo released the latest Apple research report, bringing the iPhone product line and key specifications forecast for 2021-2023.

The report pointed out that Apple will not release new iPhone SE models in 1H21 (first half of 2021).

Apple's new iPhone SE processor upgrade

Ming Guo pointed out that Apple will release the new iPhone SE model in 1H22 (the first half of 2022). The new iPhone SE is similar to the existing 4.7-inch iPhone SE in terms of design and most specifications. The biggest change is to support 5G and processor upgrades.

Ming Guo pointed out in his report in November last year that the market expects a new iPhone SE in the first half of 2021 and boosts Yujingguang’s shipments. But the report believes that there will be no new iPhone SE in 1H21.