Apple’s new app store rule: where is your data going this time

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Sina digital news on December 15 morning news, Apple App Store officially launched the privacy information function, requiring developers to provide a summary of privacy practices, in this way, to explain to users where their data will be used.


App store online privacy information function app store online privacy information function

This feature was first unveiled at the WWDC global publisher conference in June, and is now officially available to developers and users. After the function goes online, users can see the detailed “app privacy” information on the app introduction page on the app store.


Apple’s “whole family bucket” — IOS, ipados, MacOS, watchos and tvos, will all go online.


Apple updates official website privacy page Apple updates official website privacy page

In addition, Apple has updated the privacy page of its official website, which details its own privacy protection updates, including teaching users how to manage their privacy.


Let you know in advance where the data is going


This “app privacy” module contains three types: used to track your data, data associated with you, and data not associated with you. Each module will list which data will be tracked by the app; which data may be collected and linked to the user’s account, device or identity; or which data will be collected but not associated with the user.