Apple to launch $1,000 tablet? IPad SE rendering exposure

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

IPhone SE is a special presence in Apple’s mobile phone product line. On the one hand, it continues the styling and usage habits of the early iPhone. On the other hand, its more affordable price makes it a steping-stone for many users to start the Apple ecosystem and wins the favor of some consumers. Which begs the question, if there’s an iPhone SE, why is the iPad “SE”?

People still want to have an ideal, maybe there is.

The iPad SE has a similar design to the iPad and iPad Mini, with Touch ID on the front and a single camera on the back for scanning and taking photos. The device’s specs have yet to be revealed, but given its name, it’s likely to be positioned and priced lower than the current iPad and iPad Mini.

At the moment, the cheapest tablet available on Apple’s website is the iPad, which starts at $2,499. If Apple does plan to release the iPad SE, the price will likely be even lower. When you think about it, this price segment is A bit of A stretch, and the iPadOS and A-series chips are A big advantage in the market for the “new iPad for $1,999” to compete with android tablets at the same price.

But there are two sides to the latest iPad SE:

One side thinks such a tablet is likely, and has a lot of market potential.

One side argues that Apple’s existing tablet line already covers so many price segments that it doesn’t need another SE.

IPad SE enthusiasts point to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, which shows that the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents in 2019 was 30,733 yuan, including 42,359 yuan for urban residents and 16,021 yuan for rural residents. It can be seen that the monthly per capita disposable income of Chinese residents was only 2,561 yuan last year.

In addition, starting from October 1, 2018, the threshold for individual income tax was adjusted to 5,000 yuan per month, and the number of tax payers was reduced from 150 million to 64 million, accounting for 4.6% of the total population. That means as many as 84 million people earn less than 5,000 yuan a month.

At this time, it is still too extravagant to spend half of your income on an iPad, so a lower price iPad is obviously more accessible to people, and can also meet the needs of online classes and some online offices. The iPad SE will also have a strong appeal in developing countries such as India and Latin America.

iPad Air

The naysayers argue that the iPad line already covers many price segments and positions, including Pro, Air, iPad and Mini, and adding an SE would only disrupt the existing line and layout.

Both sides make sense, but for now the iPad SE seems to be stuck in the rendering stage, and it would be nice if a lower-priced iPad came out that gave consumers a choice.