Apple product forecast for next year: new Mac with M1 chip, 5g iPad and airpods

Apple product forecast for next year: new Mac with M1 chip, 5g iPad and airpods

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M1 has become the highlight of this year

Sina digital news on the morning of November 25, Ming Chi Kuo, an analyst who has long paid close attention to apple, said that Apple plans to release other MacBook models with self-developed chips in the second half of 2021, which will adopt new designs.


It’s part of a two-year transition from the company’s “go to Intel” initiative, which will feature new designs for the macbooks. Guo didn’t specify which models would be, but he previously mentioned that apple is developing 14 inch and 16 inch MacBook Pro models using apple silicon, which are expected to be launched by the end of the second or third quarter of 2021.


Other computers rumored to use apple chips include a redesigned 24 inch IMAC and a smaller version of the Mac Pro tower. The latter has been mentioned by the informants before.


Apple launched its first batch of M1 Macs this month, including the MacBook Air, the 13 inch macbook pro and the Mac Mini. However, at the same time, 13 inch MacBook Pro, 16 inch MacBook Pro, iMac, IMAC pro and Mac Pro models still use Intel processors and are also on sale.


In addition, Guo Mingji added that users’ demand for the new iPad Air was better than expected. Looking forward to 2021, he believes the growth momentum for the iPad will come from new technologies such as mini LED screens and 5g support. He expects apple to launch a new low-cost iPad – probably the ninth generation – in the second half of 2021.


Guo also expects the third-generation airpods to be launched by the end of the second quarter of 2021. He previously claimed that the design of the third generation airpods would be “similar to the airpods Pro”, but without active noise reduction.


On watches, Guo said that “new Apple watch shipments in 2021 will benefit from innovative health management features and improved shape design”, but it is not clear whether he is referring to new color changes in lace Apple watch series 6, such as new colors such as blue.


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