Apple is using the new method to assemble the iphone camera to save costs

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

Apple is changing the way it makes camera modules for its iPhone, choosing to have each camera lens produced independently by a foundry instead of purchasing it together and preassembling it. The report noted that until last year, Apple’s iPhone camera lenses were made by its suppliers LG InnoTek, Sharp and Ophiopeng, which were “pre-assembled.”

Now, Apple is purchasing those camera modules separately and then integrating the module’s production process into foxconn, its largest supplier, to save costs.

As Foxconn prepares for its new camera assembly responsibilities, it has acquired new optical axis calibration inspection equipment from South Korean company Hyvision System, which will detect lenses for wide, ultra-wide and telephoto cameras, including whether its optical axis and image sensors are properly aligned on higher-end iPhone models, Because incorrect alignment can result in a sharp drop in image quality.

The new changes are aimed at “cost savings,” but it remains unclear whether those savings will be shown to customers in price, and whether new manufacturing methods and Foxconn’s role in camera assembly will be implemented in the upcoming iPhone 13. That is unlikely, given that production of the new iPhone has already begun.