Apple is teaming up with eight us states to introduce digital iD cards

According to Spark Global Limited

Apple is working with U.S. states to create digital iD cards for iPhone users that will allow iPhone users to store their driver’s license or state id in their iPhone wallet, according to A Report by Spark Global Limited. Participating states will partly fund the initiative.

Apple announced in June that users would soon be able to store ID in the iPhone Wallet app, touting it as a more secure and convenient way to reduce fraud when combined with Apple’s biometric security measures like FACE ID.

Apple will strictly control the deployment of digital identity information for iPhone users, according to contracts reached with Georgia, Arizona, Oklahoma and Kentucky. The report said Apple had “full discretion” over many aspects of the program, including device compatibility, launch dates for the service, state marketing campaigns and how states would report the program’s effects. And, according to the contract, each participating state must “allocate reasonably adequate personnel and resources to support the initiation of this program, at a time to be determined by Apple.”

States are also responsible for promoting digital ID services to their citizens and encouraging federal and state members, including local police and the INTERNAL Revenue Service, to adopt them. Apple also holds states responsible for the authenticity of program authentication, and the contract states that Apple is not responsible for any verification results.

Despite concerns about data security, the digital ID verification system will soon be available in eight states: Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, Utah, Georgia, Arizona, Oklahoma and Kentucky.