Apple AirPods Max users find the battery drains too fast

Apple AirPods Max users find the battery drains too fast

Apple launched the AirPods Max wireless headset in December last year, which is the Apple-branded headset after AirPods and AirPods Pro. Since its launch, more and more users who have purchased AirPods Max have complained that the battery seems to consume too much power.

Apple AirPods Max users find the battery drains too fast
Complaints range from high battery consumption when using headphones to large battery consumption when the headphones are idle. Netizen VL_424 explained:

“I have been using AirPods Max since its launch, and in the past few days, I have been using it until the battery is severely depleted.

For example, I took the headphones out of the box last night, took about 15 minutes with 85% batteries, and put them back in the headphone case.

This morning, I received a notification via iPhone that only 5% of the battery is left. I didn’t even try to connect to AirPods, I was playing with HomePod in the room. It’s strange that AirPod Max still wakes up because they are still in the headset case… Has anyone else encountered this problem? ”

IT Home was informed that many complaints believed that AirPods Max did not enter the low-power mode correctly, and there was no power button to force them to stop consuming power. When AirPods Max was first introduced, there was a lot of confusion about how low power mode works, how it works inside AirPods Max and when in a smart headset case.

Apple clarified in a supporting document that AirPods Max is designed to enter “low power mode” after 5 minutes of rest (not in a smart headset case). If it does not move, AirPods Max will stay in low power mode for three days, after which the headset will enter the “ultra low” power state, cut off the Bluetooth and find me functions.

When putting AirPods Max into a smart headset case, AirPods Max is designed to enter low-power mode immediately, instead of waiting 5 minutes or 18 hours to enter the aforementioned ultra-low power state.

In view of Apple’s description, when AirPods Max is not used in the earphone sleeve or outside the earphone sleeve, the battery consumption should be minimized, but considering the battery problems encountered by some users, the low power mode may have problems.

Many users find that battery power consumption is high overnight, sometimes as a double-digit percentage, but most people see about 10% to 12% of battery power consumption every day when the headset is not in use. There are also some users who report that they find their headsets are completely exhausted in a day. Netizen DaSal said:

“Standby battery life is really bad. I only used them for about two weeks, and it happened that I wanted to use them, but found that they were completely exhausted overnight. You can’t leave them with 30% power, Then I thought I could use it next time I wanted to.”

Some users believe that this problem may be related to AirPods Max not disconnecting from the device when it is placed in the headset case or enters low power mode. Netizen Broken Hope said:

“There seems to be a problem. They are not properly disconnected from all devices.

I found out yesterday that when I connect the headset to my mobile phone, my Mac device keeps showing that AirPods are nearby, but it should be disabled automatically switching on my Mac. When placed, my AirPods Max still shows on the Mac. The battery components on the board felt that this was a small fault. After returning from work, the AirPods Max had only 27% power left overnight. ”

Since there is no power off option, it seems that AirPods Max will drain some power overnight even in low power mode, but given the number of reports of excessive battery consumption, this may be a software bug that Apple will need to resolve in the future .

Like AirPods and AirPods Pro, Apple can also push OTA firmware updates for AirPods Max, but so far, no new firmware has been released.