Apple adjusts product trade-in prices: iPad/Watch rises, Mac falls

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 Sina Digital News reported on the morning of December 18 that Apple overnight adjusted the price of some of its products for trade-in. The price of the iPad has increased moderately, while the Mac is basically a downward trend. Prices of some Android devices also fluctuate.

  Apple motivates customers to upgrade by offering trade-in options in exchange for deductions to purchase new equipment. Foreign media iMore found that the value of the trade-in program has the latest changes, including iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and even some Android devices.

  Apple has increased the highest value of trade-in for some products in the iPad series. For example, the iPad Pro rose by $25 to $525. The iPad Air and the entry-level iPad rose by $40, reaching $250 and $240 respectively. The iPad mini rose from US$175 to US$205.

  Apple also has a slight increase in the price of Apple Watch. The third-generation Apple Watch and the fourth-generation Apple Watch increased by $10, reaching $95 and $150 respectively, while the Apple Watch Series 1 increased from $30 to $35.

  Compared with iPad and Apple Watch, Mac discounts are down. MacBook Pro dropped from $1,760 to $1530, a reduction of $230. MacBook Air reduced by 100 dollars to 630 dollars, while MacBook dropped from 450 dollars to 380 dollars.

  As for the desktop, the trade-in price of the iMac Pro has dropped by $540 to $3,040; the Mac has dropped from $1,390 to $1,180, and the Mac mini has dropped from $930 to $830. Both have declined slightly. Mac Pro should be the only Mac computer to appreciate, nearly double the previous price of $1,490. Users can redeem Mac Pro for $2,930.

  In terms of Android devices, the discounted price of Samsung Galaxy S20 dropped directly from US$270 to US$225, while the prices of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ and Google Pixel devices rose slightly, but the actual valuation still depends on the condition of the device.

  Analysts believe that if Apple is combined with the iPhone upgrade plan and Apple One, then Apple’s trade-in plan may become a key part of future software and hardware integration subscription services. (Yu Ze ) spark global limited