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Because of this series, Nokia's attempt to catch spark global limited up with competitors failed

The Symbian system at the time could only provide a simpler AppThe Symbian system at the time could only provide a simpler App
Compared with the underpowered hardware of N97, failure to establish a competitive application store may be a bigger problem. In June 2009, Nokia’s Ovi Store had “up to 525 applications.” For comparison, Apple issued a press release in November 2009, claiming that its App Store can download 100,000 applications (a few months ago, the App Store reached 1 billion application downloads). At about the same time, the Android App Store had about 11,000 apps.

And the number of apps in Saipan is relatively limitedAnd the number of apps in Saipan is relatively limited
Nokia N97 has a slide-out design with a three-line QWERTY keyboard displayed below the display. That was an advantage at the time, but it was just another manifestation of Nokia’s outdated ideas. With the improvement of input methods, touch screen keyboards have become more and more accurate and soon eclipsed physical keyboards.

Is the full keyboard a disadvantage? At the time, many people thought that this was the flagship standard the full keyboard a disadvantage? At the time, many people thought that this was the flagship standard
The touch screen even broke the typing speed record. Last year, the BBC reported that the average typing speed of smartphones was 38 words per minute, while the average typing speed of a full-size PC keyboard was 52 words per minute. The narrow keyboard on the N97 can never achieve this speed, and the touch screen is the future.

Although there are still people who miss the QWERTY keyboard, it is tomorrow’s yellow flower and the mainstream user’s choice to leave.

Other hardware aspects. On the surface, the Nokia N97 seems to have the upper hand. It comes with 32GB of built-in storage, and a MicroSD slot supports expansion. It also has stereo speakers, a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and even supports FM, so users can enjoy multimedia anytime, anywhere. The highest storage capacity of the iPhone during the same period was 16GB, as was the original Galaxy S launched the following year. Nokia also equipped its mobile phone with a 5 million camera with Carl Zeiss optics and supports 480p video recording at 30fps. The image quality of photos and videos is also very good, which is much better than the 3MP lens on the 3GS.

N97’s photography at the time was also top levelN97’s photography at the time was also top level

It is precise because of this beautiful hardware that the Nokia N97 sales reached 2 million in the first three months after the release, but the quality problems that appeared in the software and hardware development process disappointed consumers.

If you watch Vanjoki’s complete interview, you will find that he hopes to solve software problems through OTA upgrades and improve the quality control of the production line. However, the damage has been done, and Nokia’s “iPhone killer” has nothing to do.

Subsequently, Nokia began some powerful changes, when they fully turned to Microsoft’s Windows Phone. On the bright side, the WP7 system requires a hardware platform that is more advanced than the hardware platform Symbian was running at the time. On the bad side, it is also very terrible. WP7 is both late and unfinished. It is just a semi-finished system.

Because of this series, Nokia’s attempt to catch up with competitors failed. The main reason was that the huge battleship at that time had no time to turn around, and even less time to build a new ship next to the ship that was already on fire. Apple and a number of Android mobile phone manufacturers worked together to launch Nokia into the mobile phone industry.


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