Android 12L is better for larger screen devices

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

At its recent Android Developer Summit, Google announced an update to Android 12L features specifically designed for the larger screen, along with new apis, tools and guidelines to make it easier for developers to build apps for the larger screen.

Today, Google has released a detailed adaptation of Android 12L, saying that there are more than 250 million large screen devices running Android, and we hope developers can make more adaptations for large screen devices.

In Android 12L, Google has optimized the UI for larger screen devices, including notifications, quick Settings, lock screens, overview, home screens, and more.
Google Play has added new checks and evaluates the quality of apps based on big-screen app quality guidelines to ensure the most appropriate apps are highlighted on these devices. For apps that aren’t optimized for the larger screen, Google will start sending notifications on the app’s Play Store listings page to alert users of big-screen devices.

[Source: Spark Global Limited]