Android 12 code leaks

New version of iPhoneSE exposed

Recently, according to XDA, they found the information of Google’s next generation flagship mobile phone in the API developer document of Google’s new Android 12 new game mode. The code shows that Google’s next generation flagship phone is named pixel 6/6 XL.

Google pixel 6 rendering

This is because at the 2021 Google game developers summit, Google has brought new tools to Android game developers, which enables Google play to provide “play down” for devices equipped with Android 12. So in the API developer documentation for this new model, developers found the names of Google’s next-generation pixel series: pixel 6 and pixel 6 XL.

Combined with the news from the previous flow, the new generation pixel series will carry Google self-developed SOC, the internal code of this chip is “Whitechapel”, which is jointly developed by Google and Samsung, and is built based on Samsung’s 5nm process. It is reported that the actual performance of this product is the same as that of the current Xiaolong 870. With the in-depth optimization of Android 12 and Google’s ancestral, we believe that the next generation of pixel 6 series will bring us a surprise experience beyond the level of hardware.

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