And it’s going to be replaced by a bigger folding screen phone

And it's going to be replaced by a bigger folding screen phone

ina digital news in the early morning of December 2, Beijing time news, today, Qualcomm held the global snapdragon technology summit, presenting its new flagship snapdragon 8885g mobile platform.

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Official publicity of Qualcomm snapdragon 8885g mobile platform

Today’s mobile phones have carried most of our lives. The cloud content such as pictures, streaming media and so on has become the mainstream. The launch of 5g makes smart terminals even more beautiful. With 5g features such as high bandwidth and low delay, virtual reality can be displayed and AR games become reality. With the gradual maturity of 5g, there will be more apps that we have never seen before.


When it comes to terminal chips, Qualcomm is a representative enterprise in the industry. Since the launch of 1GHz processor in 2007, the terminal has been updated iteratively, and has always been in the forefront of technology. In the 5g era, Qualcomm has not stopped. According to the official introduction, more than 700 terminal devices have used the 5g mobile platform. In 2021, the company expects to ship 450 million to 550 million 5g smartphones, and 750 million 5g devices by 2022.