AMD Zen3 Roller Coasters

AMD Zen3 Roller Coasters

AMD Zen3 Roller Coasters
In the processor market right now, AMD has been making big gains in performance since the Zen2 release last year, and with the Zen3 5000 release in October, AMD has been making a comeback in the last slot, single-core performance.

Not only will AMD gain more share of the consumer x86 market with Zen3, but the upcoming Zen3 architecture third-generation server processor Milan will also be a new star for AMD, helping it regain lost ground in the data center market.

According to the latest report, the three generations of clouds 7003 series will be and the second generation sky dragon 7002 series, are up to 64 core 128 threads, 32 MB level2 cache, 256 MB l3 cache (16 pieces of 16 MB unification of 8 block 32 MB), memory supports 8-channel DDR4-3200, article 128 PCIe bus 4.0, but further enhance frequency, the IPC performance with 19% growth, a single core processor performance, rose 32%.

How does Intel respond to AMD’s strength? Intel will also introduce a new server processor, Sapphire Rapids, in 2021. It will not only upgrade the 10nm SF process, but also upgrade the old Skylake microarchitecture to the Golden Cove (GNC). One of the key features of GNC architecture is ST single core performance. IPC performance has been improved significantly. Witeken, a prominent twitter whistleblower, said that IPC performance has been improved as much as 50% compared to SKL.

Not only that, the core number of Sapphire Rapids processors will double, and the supported PCIe technologies will even be upgraded directly to PCIe 5.0, directly beyond PCIe 4.0. According to previous reports, the Sapphire Rapids processor will be released in Q4 2021, almost a year from now.

AMD Zen3 architecture sky dragon is obviously not so long, the end originally, now want to Q1 quarter next year. If AMD steps up its game in 2021, then the 5nm Zen4 will be in time for a different story.

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