AMD let Samsung SoC fly

AMD let Samsung SoC fly

Samsung announced that it has obtained the authorization of AMD GPU graphics technology, which will be integrated into its own Exynos SoC, and it will also bring AMD GPU to the mobile phone market for the first time.

At the beginning of this year, Samsung announced that it will integrate AMD GPU in the next-generation flagship processor for the first time while releasing the Exynos 2100 flagship processor. This is the Exynos 2200.

According to previous data, the early samples of Exynos 2200 can lead A14 by 24-90% in the GFXBench test, which is amazing.

AMD let Samsung SoC fly

According to the latest exposure, Exynos 2200 will not only bring a 25% increase in CPU performance compared to Exynos 2100, but also GPU performance will skyrocket by 2.5 times!

At the same time, early tests show that the performance of Exynos 2200 GPU can also be 2 times ahead of Apple A14.

In addition, Exynos 2200 will come in two versions, one is for Android phones, and the other is for notebooks. The latter may be similar to Qualcomm’s cx series, with more open frequency and power consumption, and GPU performance may be close to or even ahead of AMD APU.

AMD let Samsung SoC fly

You know, the graphics core integrated by AMD APU is still the Vega architecture, and Samsung should theoretically have used the RDNA architecture.


Exynos 2100 is manufactured using Samsung’s 5nm EUV process and integrates eight CPU cores, including one 2.9GHz X1 super large core, three 2.8GHz A78 large cores, four 2.2GHz A55 small cores, and also integrates Mali-G78 MP14 GPU, up to 14 Core.

In addition, it has three AI-core NPU units, an ISP that supports up to 200 million pixels, and the first fully integrated 5G baseband. The maximum download speed of Sub-6GHz is 5.1Gbps, the millimeter wave can reach 7.35Gbps, and the 4G LTE network can also have 3Gbps. .

Exynos 2100 is already so sturdy, what height will Exynos 2200 reach? Wait and see…

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