Amazing images of the galaxy

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According to foreign media BGR, photographer J-P metsavainio spent 12 years synthesizing an amazing image of the galaxy. His synthetic photo work began in 2009, and more than a decade later, his work may be one of the most spectacular astronomical works of art you’ve ever seen. This image is huge both in pixel resolution and ambition, because the photographer has to collect up to 234 photos to piece together the final work.


Amazing images of the galaxy
As petapixel reports, metsavanio began to capture the specific features of the galaxy with his high-end camera equipment and astronomical accessories. These images are art works in themselves, but they help make synthetic images even more spectacular.


After capturing high-resolution images of all neat scenes at first, he began to take some of the less interesting images in the galaxy belt. Not every photo has a stunning theme in the middle, but all 234 photos need to create the final composite image. Metsavanio eventually upgraded his device over the course of 12 years, but the final image looked very uniform, and there was no obvious difference between the images he took 12 years ago and the most recent one.



“It took nearly 12 years to finish the mosaic,” metsavanio explained on his website. “The reason for this is the size and fact of the mosaic, which is very large. Another reason is that I take most of the mosaic pictures as separate compositions and make them independent works of Art (published). This leads to a complex image set, some of which overlap with many uninformed areas between and around frames. I have been shooting missing data from time to time over the years, and last year I was able to publish many sub mosaic images because I got them ready first. ”


He describes his entire workflow in a lengthy blog post, including the final mosaic, a single image and a panorama, including an overlay showing where each individual image is placed to create the final product. You can see a reduced version of the panorama here, which is 7000 pixels wide. The actual mosaic horizontal resolution is 100000 pixels, which is absolutely huge.

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