Amazfit GTS 2 mini smart watch, good-looking and can play

Amazfit GTS 2 mini smart Watch

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I often hear people around me complain about pressure, poor sleep, anxiety and burnout. But if I really want to ask them, how much pressure is there? How bad is sleep? What is the anxiety point? The other side often can’t answer any of them. This is the most common dilemma of our generation – feeling tired subjectively, but not knowing anything about our body.


What shall I do? Maybe smart watches can help. As the nearest intelligent wearable device to our body, smart watch can closely monitor the body data, which can help us fully understand the physical condition at any time, make timely adjustments, and make our body in a healthy operation. Recently, huami Technology launched an amazfit GTS 2 mini smart watch, which has built-in health monitoring functions to help us know ourselves anytime, anywhere.


Amazfit GTS 2 mini sports watch health smart housekeeper_ Sina public test


Thank Sina for providing this evaluation opportunity. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini focuses on fashion design and professional health management. It’s light weight, full-featured and long-term. The watch has three colors: Obsidian black, dark pine green and rose powder. I got rose powder this time, which is full of girlish feeling.



Let’s start with this smart watch.


The packaging of amazfit GTS 2 Mini is relatively simple. The white shell is pressed with a layer of wavy lines, so it looks very happy.



The amazfit GTS 2 Mini is packaged in a rectangular two-layer package. When it is opened, the upper layer is the manual and charging cable, and the lower layer is the watch. In particular, the charging cable is packaged in a unique small black box, which can be directly pulled out of both ends of the magnetic suction charging cable for charging without damaging the packaging box, so that it is more convenient to store.



The first thing I feel when I see a watch is that it’s very bright, that’s the feeling of blingbling. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini adopts 2.5D curved glass with aluminum alloy body. There is a ring of bright metal at the junction of the body and screen. It will have a kind of shining effect if it is not moved inadvertently. The 1.55 inch AMOLED display has 354 × 306 resolution and 301 PPI pixel density. With a personalized dial, the visual effect is directly full.


Just like the “mini” in the name of the product, the amazfit GTS 2 Mini is very small and light. The thickness of the whole body is only 8.95mm, and the weight is only 19.5g. This year, apple series launched a new 10.5mg bare machine with a starting weight of 10.4mm.


Amazfit GTS 2 mini sports watch health smart housekeeper_ Sina public test


Although the amazfit GTS 2 mini smart watch is small in size, its health and movement functions are very comprehensive. 24-hour heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen detection, sleep monitoring, pressure monitoring, women’s menstrual health, 70 + movement mode and so on can basically meet all aspects of our daily life.