Almost perfect

Almost perfect

According to past practice, Apple will hold a new product launch in September this year to officially launch the new generation of its flagship phone, the iPhone 13.

Almost perfect

According to relevant revelations, Apple will bring some major changes in the appearance of the iPhone 13, among which the most anticipated is the change of Liu Haiping.


Recently, a relevant blogger has exposed a rendering of iPhone 13 made by overseas Dashen, which shows that the bangs area of the machine is greatly reduced, and the borders around the screen are further narrowed. The overall visual effect of the screen is better than that of the current, and the screen proportion is higher.


It is reported that the iPhone 13 will use the latest d-tof (direct TOF) technology to replace the existing face ID component, which will reduce the volume of the 3D structured light sensing module, which is also an important reason for the reduced bangs area of the machine.


In addition, the news that Samsung can adjust the refresh rate of the screen at 13-120hz is that the refresh rate of the screen with ltpo is the highest.


At the same time, iPhone 13 will further enhance the AR effect of the mobile phone. It not only has stronger A15 processor support, but also will be equipped with laser radar scanners for the whole series, which can significantly enhance the ability of AR application and effectively improve the shooting effect.


In terms of performance, in addition to upgrading to A15 processor, iPhone 13 will also be equipped with up to 1TB of memory to adapt to iPhone’s more powerful shooting ability and store more photos and videos.


Of course, with the all-round improvement in the design and performance of the iPhone 13, its price will rise at the same time, and the top version is expected to break through the price of 15000 yuan, becoming the most expensive iPhone in history.

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