After updating macOS 11.3, M1 Mac or remove Rosetta

M1 Mac or remove Rosetta

Users in certain regions update the macOS 11.3 software update on a Mac equipped with an M1 chip, which may cause Rosetta 2 to be deleted.

M1 Mac or remove Rosetta

Recently, in the third beta of macOS 11.3 that Apple sent to developers for testing, Steve Moser, editor of foreign media MacRumors, found new characters in the code of the beta version, indicating that “Rosetta will be deleted after installing this update” and ” Rosetta is no longer available in this area, and applications that require Rosetta to run will not be able to run.”

In an Arm-based M1 Mac, Rosetta can make it run x86 applications built on Intel processors. When a user opens an application compiled only for a Mac computer equipped with an Intel processor, the translation layer works in the background. And when the application is run for the first time, the application is automatically translated for use by the Apple silicon chip.

It is not yet clear why Apple will delete Rosetta 2 for M1 Macs in certain regions in the system update, nor is it clear in which regions this measure will be implemented.