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The blogger @ digital chat station revealed that the Xiaomi 11 series super large cup is further developed on the basis of Xiaomi 10 series. There is no short board in the hardware parameters. It can compete with the highest flagship of competitive products, so the price should also rise.


This year, Xiaomi launched a Super Cup flagship Xiaomi 10 supreme edition, and redmi launched Super Cups such as redmi K30 and redmi k30s.


According to this naming rule, Xiaomi 11 Super Cup may be named Xiaomi 11 supreme edition or Xiaomi 11 PRO +.


There is no doubt that the Xiaomi 11 Super Cup will launch the flagship processor of Qualcomm snapdragon 888, which is expected to support 100 watt super fast charging. At present, Xiaomi 10 supreme edition has achieved 120W ultra fast flash charging, and can quickly return blood in a short time.


Moreover, it may adopt Samsung AMOLED 2K + hole digging screen, and the refresh rate may be 120Hz, which will be the first 2K + full screen flagship of Xiaomi digital series.


In addition, the starting price of Xiaomi 11 Super Cup is likely to rise. Considering that the starting price of Xiaomi 10 supreme edition is 5299 yuan, if Xiaomi 11 supreme edition goes up, it may exceed 5500 yuan or even 6000 yuan.