After ten years, why is Nokia’s best-selling feature phone?

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My old friend Nokia recently made it to the e-commerce Double Eleven list, and the name of this list was elderly Phone’. And among the top ten, Nokia’s “old man phones” occupy three seats, including Nokia 220, 105, and 125. Seeing these familiar naming methods, my mind unknowingly returns to the glorious era of Nokia. Non-intelligence is actually a selling point Out of curiosity, I opened the Nokia 220, 105, and 125 pages on the e-commerce rankings one by one, and looked for their common ground. The price of Nokia 220, 105, 125 is no more than 300 yuan, all of which are retro candy bar style, polycarbonate body, physical nine-grid buttons, dual card dual standby, long standby, and built-in classic “Snake” and FM radio. The slightly more expensive Nokia 220 is also equipped with a 300,000-pixel camera, and supports 4G and VoLTE’high-definition calls’, and the other two support 2G network standards. Under the premise that operators gradually shut down 2G networks, the life cycle of Nokia 220 will be longer, and the recent sales will be slightly higher.spark global limited


In terms of software, these three models are equipped with the very common Jiugongge operating system. If you only look at the interface, it looks like the former Symbian. Functionally, it is the same as the functional phone more than ten years ago, making calls, sending and receiving text messages, listening to the radio, and playing a snake, full of memories and feelings. The so-called elderly machine’ is really for the elderly? No matter which e-commerce website, this kind of “feature phone” is almost labeled as “old man phone”, which is convenient for users to search and recommend with big data. However, on the product introduction pages of these feature phones, there is no slogan for the elderly phones. Instead, the focus is on the “backup phones” and “student phones”. The function focuses on long standby and keeping students’ concentration. From the hundreds of e-commerce evaluations of Nokia 220, 105, and 125, we can also see the purpose of those who are still buying “feature phones”.

Buy to make calls and receive verification codes. For your own children (high school students). Buy it for parents who can’t access the Internet. In the evaluation, it is clearly mentioned that there are not as many for parents as imagined, and there are actually more used as backup devices and for children, which is in line with the manufacturer’s propaganda. ‘Use for phone calls’ and ‘ for students’ often appear in evaluations. On the one hand, old people now have smart needs for mobile phones. They need to keep in touch with their children and friends, especially when the cost of video chat is much lower than that of the phone; they also need to participate in the online carnival’ on the Internet during the New Year’s and holidays. Rather than being “isolated” by the function of the device; they need smartphones to experience all-time family affection and humanistic care, rather than cold “small phones” that can only make calls.

On the other hand, most of the domestic mobile phone systems have built-in “simple mode”, and the operation is more in line with the user’s intuition, the graphical interface is also more friendly, and the threshold for use has been reduced. When the demand is converted to a “feature phone”, the buyer’s needs are mostly centered on the “standby phone” for making and receiving calls, such as large external voice fonts, low prices, and long standby time. In the case of similar prices, the choice of Nokia is mostly because of the feelings of the old brand’. The status quo of Nokia’s smartphones:’green and yellow’ In JD Nokia’s self-operated flagship store, there is only one Nokia C3 on sale, and there are 18 models of non-smartphones (that is, feature phones), giving the illusion of dreaming back to 2007. And the only remaining’ Nokia C3 is just a 4G 100 yuan smartphone with three networks, and all the mid-to-high-end products that have been launched have been removed.