advantages and disadvantages of mobile wireless charger

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When you go out, you are most afraid that your mobile phone has no power. What’s more terrible is that you have mobile power but no data cable! At this time, the “black technology” in the charging industry, mobile wireless charger, has come into use, so is the mobile wireless charger easy to use? Let’s see what China Telecom says.


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The first is the principle of mobile phone wireless charger. The mobile phone wireless charger mainly adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction, which converts the current into electromagnetism by using electromagnetic induction technology. The mobile phone converts the electromagnetism into current to charge itself through the built-in coil. Mobile wireless charger has advantages and disadvantages. When you buy it, you should refer to your own needs and choose a charging product suitable for your mobile phone, so that you can use your mobile phone better.


Next, the advantages of mobile wireless charger are as follows:


a。 Convenience: compared with the ordinary mobile phone charger, the mobile phone wireless charger belongs to one to many charging, which solves the problem that the interface is not applicable. At the same time, it also avoids the phenomenon of bad contact caused by repeatedly plugging in and out the mobile phone interface, which can better protect the mobile phone interface, and the elderly can also use it conveniently.


b。 Safety: mobile phone wireless charger has a variety of protection functions, such as: overcharge and discharge, metal foreign body detection and other functions, always protect the safety of users.

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c。 Durable: the power transmission element of mobile phone wireless charger has no leakage, so it will not be eroded by moisture and oxygen in the air; due to the existence of no contact, there will be no mechanical wear caused by connection and separation.


Finally, there are three disadvantages of mobile wireless charger


1。 Bound: when wireless charging, it needs to be adsorbed on the charging base and can’t be moved at will. It’s more bound to users than wired charging.


2。 High price: compared with the traditional line charging, due to the different principle of wireless charging, the power receiving device needs an electronic device for power conversion, both of which need coils, and high frequency wave circuit to meet the electromagnetic compatibility, so the price is higher than the traditional line charging.


3。 Low efficiency: due to the low efficiency of wireless charging, under the same input power, the charging speed is slower than that of line charging, especially the fast charging function of some brands.


Therefore, China Telecom reminds consumers to pay attention to the following matters when purchasing mobile wireless chargers:


1. Identify Qi wireless charging standard: Qi wireless charging has unified regulations on product performance, technical parameters, compatibility, safety, etc. it has strict certification standards, and can also be compatible with different types and brands of digital devices.


2. Choose the professional brands of big manufacturers: some “make up for the number” wireless charging products have poor performance and experience, short service life, great damage to mobile phones, and even some security risks. Wireless chargers produced by big brand manufacturers generally have intelligent functions such as foreign body detection, temperature protection, over-voltage and over-current protection to ensure automatic power-off under abnormal conditions.