Actual available storage

Actual available storage

On April 11, Yue Yunpeng asked on his microblog, “I bought 128G memory for my mobile phone, but when I opened it, I saw that the usable memory was only 112G. Should I be charged 112G, or is it reasonable to charge 128G?” Related topics were once on the hot search, attracting 300 million people’s attention.



It home understands that the mobile phone’s operating system and pre installed applications will occupy part of the storage space, so the actual user’s available space is less than the nominal memory capacity.


In this regard, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission issued a document saying that consumers have the right to know the true situation of their purchase of goods or acceptance of services. Considering the asymmetry of cognition between operators and consumers on mobile phone product technology, professional terms, parameter common sense, operators should answer consumers’ doubts and queries in a timely, real and clear manner, and even suggest mobile phone manufacturers to label the actual available storage space of the mobile phone, and publicize the number, type and size of the built-in pre installed software, so as to better protect consumption The legitimate rights and interests of the parties concerned.

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