Activity: Sina public beta APP 2.0 goes online, 100000 + good gifts get soft hand

Activity: Sina public beta APP 2.0 goes online, 100000 + good gifts get soft hand

ello everyone, everyone, today’s public beta girl to tell you a good news: Sina public beta APP 2.0 version is new online today! (there should be cheers, applause and shouts ~ ~)


Want to know what’s different about the new version? Click: download the new version of app and download or update it!


At the same time, the public beta girl also brought you a new version of online welfare Oh, come and get the benefits quickly!


Activity time:

19:00, November 17


Activity object:

All new version 2.0 users


[welfare first bullet: update the version of app2.0, and you will get a lucky draw if you participate! ]

Now update the app2.0 version, that is, give 100 points + big turntable lucky draw once, the winning rate is 100%!


(those downloaded on the 15th also have welfare benefits, please refresh them in the personal center drop-down)


Participation path: download the latest version of app, login account – my – banner chart (invite friends to earn points and draw grand prize) – click lucky draw



[welfare second bullet: invite friends to join the public quiz to send gifts]

Activity time:


October 19 – November 6 17:00


Activity object:


All users of sina public beta APP (both new and old users can)


Activity description:


[invite 1 person to participate in the lucky draw]


During the event, 1 friend is successfully invited to log in to the app for the first time, and both parties can get a lucky draw!


[invite more, send more]


The top 10 users who successfully invited the most won the top prize. (the platform will update the leaderboard progress at 12:00 noon)


List prize: (top 10 users invited)


1、iPhone Xs Max

2. Vivo nex 3 5g

3. Xiaomi Watch

4. Stone sweeper T6

5. Aftershokz Shaoyin bone conduction earphone

6-10, vivo TWS Neo headset / baumatic Mini wall breaking machine / millet walkie talkie (randomly choose one)



Participation path:


Upgrade to the latest version – click my banner to invite friends to earn points and draw prizes – invite them now – send them to friends



[knock on the blackboard, draw the key points, say the rules, HA]

Rule 1: during the activity, the invited user can only accept one invitation successfully, and can’t accept the invitation repeatedly! The same mobile phone number, the same terminal device number, the same IP or other situations that are reasonably displayed as the same user are considered as the same user. Oh, the same user does not count the number of successful invitees repeatedly;


Rule 2: the invited user needs to accept the invitation in the invitation page and download the app to log in as a valid invitation (the account number should be consistent, and direct login without accepting the invitation does not count);


Rule 3: if the user violates the integrity and other behaviors in the activity, violates the above-mentioned activity rules, maliciously swipes the bill, cheats to buy and other abnormal ways to participate in the activity, public beta will cancel everyone’s qualification and shut down the black room!


[welfare bullet 3: use 2.0app to sign in and send good gifts]

Do you think welfare is over? NONONO!


Check in continuously with the new version of app~


Activity time:


October 20 to November 19, 23:59


Activity requirements:


If you use the new version of app2.0 to sign in for more than 25 consecutive days, you will be eligible for the lucky draw. After November 20, the platform will draw 10 small partners to give prizes to the lottery pool: (please note that it must be the new version of app. If you use other terminals to sign in, it will not be included in the final activity.)


Samsung a8s mobile phone, Anker fast charging, JBL Bluetooth headset, game handle, goulang doll, Sina public test points and so on!



[welfare fourth bullet, limited time discount of point mall comes]

Do you still remember the limited time activity of the integral mall last year?


We will open the points mall discount again from November 23 to 27.


During the opening period, at 12:00 p.m. every day, the limited time discount of the points mall will be attacked, and some goods will be snapped up with a discount of 3-5%.


What are you waiting for? Hurry up and buy it~


(only app2.0 is allowed to participate in this time limited discount of point mall, and the version below 2.0 will not be able to participate. Please update the version in time.)


[more benefits summary]

Forward relevant microblog, send an iPad Pro → send 1 iPad pro from Weibo


Forward relevant microblog, send an iqoo mobile phone, with topic ා + at least 1 picture of the original micro blog to participate in topic interaction, take one person to send sweeping robot → micro blog to send iqoo mobile phone, sweeping robot, millet Bracelet 5


More benefits coming soon


The above are all the benefits of this new version. Please read the instructions carefully and participate. If you have any questions, please contact xinlangzhongce for consultation.


(statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the author himself and Sina public survey, and can not be reproduced without permission. This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s public testing position.)