Activity rules

Activity rules

*Is there any probation? Come and see how to improve the trial winning rate!


1. Users can click the “free application” button on the recruitment page of the public test, and then submit personal information and application reasons according to the requirements by clicking the “improve the winning rate” button;


2. Participate in inviting friends to apply for trial, win massive points, invite 3 points / 1 person, and you can get 3000 points at most (invitation steps: log in Sina public beta APP, select the trial application of this period, click “improve the winning rate”, then select “invite friends to apply for trial”, and share the exclusive invitation link to microblog or circle of friends);


3. If the successful user abandons the trial due to personal reasons, the winning rate of the next three trials will be affected; during this period, if the user obtains the probation qualification by inviting friends to apply for trial or point auction, it will not be affected;


4. In the same period of time, users cannot try more than one product at the same time;


5. We will select 12 users to obtain the free trial qualification according to the user’s winning bid value, must hit progress, trial plan, platform behavior and contribution type, and publicize them through the public testing page;


6. If the application is successful, the user must pay the deposit on time (similar to the trial product price). After the activity, if the report is submitted and approved in time, the deposit will be returned in full;


7. The staff will contact the successful users through official microblog private message, check the receiving address and other errors, and arrange the express delivery products after receiving the deposit (no reply within 24 hours of private message contact is deemed as abstention);


8. After receiving the product, the user should submit the experience report to the public testing platform within the specified time according to the evaluation standard (all trial reports must be original and first launched in Sina public beta, subject to the time when the report is published on the platform. At the same time, after receiving the goods, users need @ Sina public test official microblog to publish the list, and the article should mention Sina public test, otherwise, they will be disqualified from winning the prize);


9. If there is video content in the evaluation report, it is added item;


10. We will select 6 excellent reports from 12 public testing reports, and these 6 users will get trial products free of charge (we may increase or decrease the number of excellent reports according to the actual report submission situation);


11. The essence report will refund the deposit after 2 working days after publicized. Other users should send the product back. If the check is correct, the refund will be made, usually within 7 working days after receipt.


12, public test public order WeChat xinlangzhongce is welcome to join the exchange group for more convenient and direct communication. At the same time, please pay attention to sinazc, the official account of sina public test, sinazc, and know the welfare activities for the first time.


13. This activity is restricted to Chinese mainland users only. It will not support the delivery to overseas or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.


2、 Detailed process

1. Registration starts at 10:45 on November 23, 2020;


2. The deadline for registration is 17:00, December 1, 2020;


3. The time for successful user publicity is 16:00 on December 2, 2020;


4. The delivery time shall be from December 3, 2020 (the specific delivery time shall be subject to the actual situation);


5. The latest submission time of the successful user experience report is 16:00, December 14, 2020;


6. The time for publishing the report and the election results will be 16:00 on December 15, 2020.

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