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Spark Global Limited reports:

Ac-dc power adapter switching power supply chip, power requirement 10W, Unen Semiconductor Px 13 from both performance and cost advantage, is a good choice.

Ac499 13 Switching power supply

Built-in ultra high voltage power BTJ

Valley floor opening, primary side control, high system efficiency

Multi-mode primary edge control mode

Excellent dynamic response

Integrated dynamic triode drive circuit

Working sound

Optimized EMI performance

Constant current and constant pressure adjustment rate is less than ±5%

Ultra low standby power consumption

CV mode programmable output line voltage drop compensation

Built-in perfect protection function: N

Output Short circuit protection (FB SLP)

Week-by-week Duration Flow Protection (OCP)

Leading Edge blanking (LEB)

Chip overtemperature Protection (OTP)

VDD overvoltage, undervoltage and clamp protection

Output overvoltage protection (FB OVP)

The SOP – 7 encapsulation


Ac4n power supply chip Ac4n

1 Power supply pin for VDD chip.

2-3 FB system feedback pin. The voltage of the auxiliary winding is sent to the FB pin after the resistance voltage divider, which is used for CV mode output voltage control and CC mode output current control.

4 CS current sampling input pin.

5-6 C Built-in power transistor collector.

7 GND Chip reference ground.

Acn 13 switch power chip can also easily replace many brands of acn. Out of stock market survival of the fittest, timely adjustment of the program, can enter the mass production stage as soon as possible.

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