According to Apple’s official data, 80% of iPhones

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Sina Digital News reported on the morning of December 17 that Apple finally updated the relevant data of the iOS system today. Among the iPhones launched in the past four years, 81% have “iOS 14” installed.

  This is the first time that Apple has announced the installation rate of the iOS 14 system. Although there have been statistics from third-party organizations before, the official data is obviously more accurate. Apple’s statistics focus on “equipment in the past four years”. According to the life cycle of electronic products, this setting will be relatively more valuable.

  So according to Apple’s data, 81% of the iPhones launched in the past four years have installed “iOS 14”, 17% continue to run iOS 13, and the other 2% run earlier versions of iOS.

  If you don’t include the “devices within four years” limit, 72% of all iPhones that are still working are running iOS 14, 18% are iOS 13, 10% are earlier products, and this category includes the possibility of not being able to install the latest System equipment.

  As for the iPad, 75% of all iPads launched in the last four years use iPadOS 14, 22% of users run iPadOS 13, and 3% of users run an early version of iOS. Regardless of the four-year period, 61% of all iPads use iPadOS 14, 21% run iPadOS 13, and 18% run earlier versions.

  Since the release of ‌iOS 14‌ and ‌iPadOS 14‌ in September, Apple has officially provided data only once. Previously, according to estimates by third-party agency Mixpanel, the installation rate of iOS 14 in October was 50%.