The home appliance industry is highly competitive

The problem of aging society also directly affects the consumer market. For Japan, the ageing population caused by the long-term low fertility rate is the main reason for Japan’s long-term economic slump, because the fewer young people and the gradual lack of innovation ability, the more conservative the society will be. There are fewer young entrepreneurs, and the market will continue to slump.

The home appliance market may also face such problems. Various industries have been in a mature stage of long-term development. The steady development of the home appliance market makes the competition among home appliance companies more intense. The size of the population determines the potential of consumption. More wolves and less meat will lead to changes in the consumption structure. Buying durable goods such as home appliances will lead to “grabbing” among enterprises.

Thousands of households are missing, and there are also tens of thousands of household appliances missing. Home appliance companies either die or live!

Deeply cultivate the needs of subdivided groups, the rise of customized home appliances

China’s population crisis may come early, so relevant agencies are already actively taking measures. But at present, companies need to further segment the needs of the population, and singles, mothers and babies, and the elderly are expected to become the main force of consumer appliances in the future.

If the “three-child” policy is liberalized, the demand for maternal and child products will be further increased. Many home appliances will use maternal and child, health and other functions as product selling points. For example, the anti-blue light of the TV, the healthy air supply of the air conditioner, the healthy sterilization of the refrigerator, the healthy partition of the washing machine, and products such as maternal and child water purification and air purification.

The aging problem will also put more demands on home appliance companies, such as the AI ​​function of home appliances, which can provide intelligent and humanized services. Simplify the operation of home appliances, so that the elderly can understand at a glance! Improve the company’s after-sales service system, so that the old and difficult maintenance problems such as water heaters and gas stoves will no longer be deceived by the elderly.

To sum up, the population problem is related to all aspects of society and cannot be solved with one mouth. However, the first emergency method is to start by myself. The refrigerator and air conditioner in the house have not been changed for seven or eight years. In order to promote the consumption of home appliances, don’t wait for ten or eight years. If you really can’t stand it, speed up the replacement!

Appropriately change your own consumption concept, speed up the renewal of home appliances, and let home appliance companies enjoy the treatment of mobile phone companies. However, home appliance companies should also think of a way. Home appliance recycling should form a more complete system to make the “blood” circulation of home appliances more smooth.