Green yellow is plain leather, green yellow is plain leather

Green yellow is plain leather, green yellow is plain leather

The layout of the star ring design can accommodate more lenses while keeping a consistent contour for a number of mate40 series products. In this ring, there are four lenses in the mate40 and five lenses in the mate40 PRO +, but their general appearance is the same. At P40 series distance, different lens number will inevitably lead to the size or shape difference of lens area.


Green yellow is plain leather, green yellow is plain leather spark global limited


Mate40 PRO + is still a unique ceramic back spark global limited

Some of the experience differences of the three mobile phones will also be reflected in the photo taking:


Mate40 main lens is 50 megapixel, 1 / 2.8 inch super large sensor; 16 million pixel ultra wide angle lens; 8 million pixel long focus lens with 3 times optical zoom capability; and laser focusing device.


The main lens of mate40 Pro is 50 megapixel, 1 / 2.8 inch super large sensor, 20 million pixel movie camera, 12 million pixel periscope type 10 times long focus lens and laser focusing device.


Mate40 PRO +, 50 megapixel main lens, also 1 / 2.8 inch super large sensor; 12 million 3-fold optical zoom lens; 8-megapixel 10-x telephoto lens; TOF components for measuring distance and focusing, etc. The most unique feature of mate40 PRO + is a 20 megapixel curved lens to solve the problem of photo distortion. The phone supports up to 100x digital zoom.


In addition to taking photos, today’s conference also mentioned the video shooting function. Mate40 series supports XD fusion hardware real-time HDR video, with super four core ISP support, which can provide users with rich details and a sense of hierarchy. In addition, the highlight can not be exposed, and the dark part has details.


Main parameters of mate40 main parameters of mate40


Parameters of mate40 pro and PRO +

On the front of the mobile phone, the difference between the three products of mate40 series is smaller than that of the back. They are arc screens, which are also known as “waterfall screens”, but mate40 is 68 degrees, with 6.5-inch perforated screens; the mate40 pro and mate40 PRO + screens are 6.76 inches, and the radian is 88 degrees. The perforated parts of the screen are larger and contain 3D face recognition devices. The screen refresh rate of the three mobile phones is 90hz, and the high refresh rate can make the mobile phone display more smoothly when watching videos and games.


50W wireless charging 50W wireless charging

Yu Chengdong said that Huawei did not do 120Hz refresh rate, which is not a difficult problem, but high refresh rate means high power consumption. 90hz is the result of high refresh rate and power balance.


In addition, Huawei mate40 series charging speed has been improved. Cable charging supports 66W and wireless charging supports 50W.


Kirin 9000 chip appears


As expected, with the advent of mobile phones, there are new Huawei chips. This is the world’s first 5g SOC with a 5nm process, in which 15.3 billion transistors are integrated.


The CPU part of Kirin 9000 has eight cores, including a 3.13ghz a77 core, three 2.54ghz a77 medium core and four 2.04ghz A55 small cores. The main frequency of large core is slightly higher than 3.1ghz of snapdragon 865 +, which is the highest frequency mobile phone processor at present. At the same time, it integrates 24 core mali-g78 GPU, and its architecture surpasses Kirin 990 mali-g76, with half more cores and 60% performance improvement.


Kirin 9000 chip Kirin 9000 chip

In terms of artificial intelligence, Qilin 9000 integrates NPU with two large cores and one micro core, and its performance is improved by 100% compared with that before. There are also four core ISPs.


In terms of 5g, Qilin 9000 has multi network collaboration technology, which can efficiently integrate 2.4GHz, 5GHz, 5GHz of WiFi signal, 5g of main card and 4G of secondary card, so as to realize network optimization or concurrent download under changing network conditions.


In addition to performance, Yu Chengdong also introduced the safety performance of Kirin 9000 chip. Yu Chengdong said that it is the world’s first mobile terminal chip to pass the international CC eal5 +, while Hongmeng OS microkernel has obtained the international information technology security assessment standard CC eal5 + certification, and has also passed the mobile financial chip and carrier authentication (domestic), Fido authentication standard, eprivacyseal and other security and privacy authentication.


Yu Chengdong said that Qilin 9000 is the most complex and powerful SOC 5g chip so far. It has 15.3 billion transistors