the ninth-generation iPad may be slightly lower

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According to the latest reports from foreign media, although Apple has too many new products this year, some of the production capacity is seriously unable to keep up, but this will not affect the release rhythm of new machines next year.

According to the latest news, Apple plans to update the entry-level iPad in the spring of 2021. In other words, the launch of the ninth-generation iPad with a 10.5-inch + A13 chip will still be the entry-level product.

According to the news, the iPad 9 will be replaced with a 10.5-inch LED display, A13 bionic chip and 4GB RAM, as well as a thinner and lighter design. But it will still have a Home button (Touch ID fingerprint recognition device), and Lightning interface.

Apple launched the eighth-generation product with A12 chip in September last year. But that was only a minor update, the chip was upgraded from A10 to A12. No other specification changes.

It is said that the starting price of the ninth-generation iPad may be slightly lower, about 299 US dollars (about 1950 yuan), the storage configuration starts at 64GB, and the current product is 32GB.  spark global limited