7000 yuan “elderly machine”

7000 yuan "elderly machine"

At the beginning of the year, I said I would change my dad’s mobile phone as a gift for 72 years old. As a pollen, I was lucky to get a mate 40 pro.

7000 yuan "elderly machine"

I bought a mobile phone, but I always have a curiosity. A small 7000 mobile phone is for an old man. What will he use it for?


Today, while the old man is at home, I’ll take a look.



The old man’s requirements for mobile phones are very simple:


expensive! Come on! Take a picture!


As Huawei’s flagship model of the year, mate40 Pro keeps ahead in appearance, performance and image, at least in price.



Dark outer packaging always feels more elegant than white one. The Huawei logo in the middle of the eyebrow is shining, and the high-end feeling arises spontaneously. You have to take this as a gift.




I bought secret silver, which is more mysterious than traditional silver. When you turn the mobile phone under the light, you can see the glitter flashing on it. The color of the back cover of the mobile phone changes and the light and shadow flow, showing a three-dimensional light and shadow crisscross.



The appearance design of Huawei Mate Series rear camera has always been my favorite part, and the “star ring” is no exception.


The black “star ring” is symmetrically designed with a rear camera assembly, and the white space in the middle shows that Leica’s blood is outstanding.

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