6 cents can buy children’s personal information

6 cents can buy children's personal information

CCTV also unveiled some shocking “shadows”: Zhaopin recruiting, hunting, and 51job.com platform resumes flowing into the black market, and you can buy complete information about applicants for only 7 yuan; Kohler Sanitary Ware, BMW, Max Mara Waiting for many shops to install face recognition cameras, but never informed consumers.

And these seem to be just the tip of the iceberg.

6 cents can buy children's personal information

6 cents can buy children’s personal information: more than 2 million pieces of information are involved

According to CCTV reports, recently, the Xuzhou police in Jiangsu successfully broke down a black industry chain that sold citizens’ personal information, and it was all children involved. The name, age, gender, parent phone number, city and other information were all at a glance. The number is more than 2 million.

At the beginning of January this year, the Gulou Public Security Bureau of Xuzhou City discovered that residents of a community in its jurisdiction had established a network technology company, and a large number of calls were made every day, and the situation was suspicious.

After investigation, it was found that this company bought children’s personal information online at a price of 6 cents to 1 cent, and then recruited more than a dozen telephone operators to do external telemarketing, and dialed the parents one by one to recruit students for some educational institutions.

If a student is successfully recruited, they can get a commission ranging from 30 to 60 yuan from the educational institution.

Zhu and his four online suspects, Liu and Yang, have all been arrested and confessed to the crime of illegally buying and selling citizen information.