4G Huawei mate x2 goes on sale today

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As early as April, we reported that Huawei mate x2 4G had been on the official website of Huawei’s consumer business, but it was not available for sale. Now, this mobile phone is finally meeting you. On June 28, Huawei mate x2 4G was launched and sold in Huawei mall, major authorized e-commerce, Huawei authorized experience store, authorized retailer and other platforms.

Huawei mate x2

Huawei mate x2 4G version is equipped with the harmonyos 2 intelligent terminal operating system, which provides a unified language for intelligent, interconnection and coordination of different devices, bringing convenient, smooth, continuous, safe and reliable interactive experience. Universal card, you can get all kinds of information on the mobile desktop. Without entering the application, slide the thumb tip up and down the icon to slide the universal card out. Intelligent multi windows, one application, can open multiple task windows at the same time, and cooperate and help each other.

Huawei mate x2

Huawei mate x2 4G version is equipped with super perception Leica four photos, each lens is well-known and cooperated, incarnating your master of omnipotent photography. Super clear is its best play, dark shooting is also a specialty, shooting far and near are excellent, and wide-angle distortion prevention high-tech. The super far binocular zoom, the scenery that the human eye cannot reach, uses the lens to close. 10X Optical Zoom, clear for you to present the distant scenery, 100x binocular zoom, can be called the telescope in the mobile phone, breaking through the limit of vision. On the processor side, it carries kylin 9000 processor, which costs 17499 yuan.