300 million units sales will not be a flash in the pan

Japanese audio company launches the first game headset vr3000 for VR

On the night of the winter solstice on December 21, the two civil engineering stars were converging in the night sky. The once-in-800-year star spectacle made several more brightest stars appear in the night sky. I took off my mask and looked up at the sky at 45 degrees. “This year is it Next year will be a good year. ”


Looking back on pc2020 and looking into the distance looking back on pc2020 and looking into the distance

There is no doubt that the new epidemic has brought heavy damage to the global economy and life, and only a few industries can survive in the shadow of the epidemic. With the rise of home isolation scenarios and remote video, online education, games and other industries, home computers have also ushered in an amazing increase rarely seen in many years. It is estimated that the shipment volume will exceed 300 million in 2020! At the same time, Apple’s M1 processor, AMD’s share grabbing, and the new form of flexible folding notebook are staged in turn. In this year of epidemic situation, PC market jumped out of its own rhythm. As the new year approaches, let’s look back on PC 2020 and look into the distance.


The status of X86 shakes, apple M1 sets off a wave of self-developed processor


In 2020, the top news in the PC circle must be Apple’s self-developed chip and the new Mac equipped with M1 processor. At a small scale, Apple’s move is expected to include its own ecological products, enabling iPhone, iPad, macbook, IMAC and other products to complete the mobile ecological closed loop and bring users a more seamless experience. At a macro level, the advent of Apple M1 is likely to be a great moment of profound significance to change the PC pattern.


There is a saying that I think is quite right. Apple has never been a creator, it is a master of optimization.


Features display of Apple’s first self-developed processor M1

If we look at the integration of mobile platforms, Microsoft and Intel will try earlier than apple.


In the three or four years from 2012 to 2015, Microsoft and Intel Wintel alliance tried to promote the integration of mobile platforms. After the acquisition of Nokia, Microsoft launched one color lumia mobile phone after another, hoping to form a better closed-loop integration between Windows Phone and PC platform. Intel has also spent a lot of money on X86 mobile phones with Atom processors. Intel has not only dispatched a large number of engineers to debug atom to make it adapt to windows, but also Android. As a result, problems of power consumption, performance and application adaptation emerge in endlessly. The integration from the mobile phone to the PC failed. Later, Microsoft also tried to make the win10 notebook of Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor directly from the PC. at that time, the first cooperation between Microsoft and Qualcomm also caused a big shock in the market. However, the results of these attempts must be known to all of us, and all of them ended in failure.