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However, as a sub-brand that has long been attached to Huawei, the Honor mobile phone itself relies heavily on Huawei’s technology. Some users of Glory reported that the login of the Glory mobile phone is the , the built-in APP is Huawei Mall, Huawei Video, the pollen club is used, the user agreement is Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd., and the phone box says Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. In terms of R&D and supply chain, Honor has always shared with Huawei. After independence, without Huawei’s follow-up technical support, Honor may face technical interruption and the hidden worries that it cannot be updated.

Then the question arises. After becoming a new brand independent, Honor has lost the support of Huawei in terms of brand, R&D, and channels. Can the lack of platform capabilities be supplemented in time? How to add? Will consumers still recognize the Honor brand? Will it enter the high-end without relying on Huawei’s new glory? Can you quickly make up for shortcomings to maintain your position in the Chinese market? After “flying solo”, Honor faced only more problems.


In addition, after leaving Huawei for independence, whether the relationship between Honor and its old enemy Xiaomi will change is also the focus of the industry. Some believe that although Honor has become an independent brand, it includes Wan Biao, COO of Huawei Consumer Business, Zhao Ming, President of Honor, Fang Fei, Vice President of Huawei Product Line, Yang Jian, Director of Retail Management Department of Huawei Consumer Business, etc. Many Huawei managements, including Huawei, remain unchanged. Therefore, in the future, Honor and Xiaomi will maintain the fierce competition in the past. After getting rid of Huawei’s constraints, New Honor will rely on Qualcomm, MediaTek and other companies’ 5G chip supply. Sitting on the core resource of distributors will become a more difficult opponent than “Huawei Glory”.

However, there are also views that in business, in order to compete with mainstream brands such as Huawei Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and other mainstream brands, they have also begun to lead other manufacturers to cooperate in technology to jointly form a mutual transmission alliance. And many of the senior executives of Xiaomi are former senior executives of Huawei. For example, the vice president of Xiaomi Group Yang Tuo used to be the vice president of Huawei BG and the marketing officer of China. The two are not a life-and-death relationship. Now that Glory is independent, after getting rid of the “destiny” of competing with Xiaomi, which is a sub-brand of Huawei, it may not be impossible to sit down and “talk” with Xiaomi.

No one can predict whether the eagle from the nest spreads its wings, the future will be a broad blue sky or a dark valley. However, the independence of Honor will trigger a round of reshuffle for the global smartphone market. According to people familiar with the matter, the goal of New Honor in the future is to capture 30% of the domestic smartphone market. How the glory after getting rid of the chip ban will spread its wings in the mobile phone market is worthy of the industry and consumers’ expectations.

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