2021 cost-effective Bluetooth headset

The third paragraph, JBL TUNE 215TWS

With the maturity of Bluetooth headset technology, Bluetooth headsets have become ubiquitous in the past two years. However, the price of Bluetooth headsets is as uneven as that of headsets. How should people with a small budget buy them? What brand is good for Bluetooth headsets? The most popular Bluetooth headset recommendation for 2021 brought today is said to be used by the great gods who burn 10,000 yuan headsets. Let’s take a look!

The first model, NANK South Carolina Lite Pro

2021 cost-effective Bluetooth headset
Recommended reason: Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.2, good sound quality, game acceleration mode

NANK South Carolina Lite Pro headphones are very beautiful. Although it has a first-class appearance, the internal originals are all high-quality products, using Qualcomm chip + Bluetooth 5.2 + ceramic antenna, trinity, more stable signal, strong anti-interference, durable, quality headphones are made in this way. Built-in game mode, triple-click the right ear to enter the game mode, the delay is instantly reduced, and it takes minutes to listen to the sound of the game. Of course, it is also very powerful to restore the authenticity of music. With the 13mm moving coil unit, the low volume is enhanced, the vocal expression is clear, and the high pitch is pure and thorough. The weight of a single headset is only 3.8 grams, and it is almost insensible to wear. What is interesting is that although his weight is very light, it still does not hinder his long battery life. A single battery life is 7 hours, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.2 configuration On the other hand, it is also inseparable from the optimization of power consumption by South Carolina.

The second paragraph, Xiaodu TWS

Recommended reason: powerful AI voice assistant, full of sense of technology

Different from conventional wireless headset products in the past, Baidu named it the word “smart”, and these two words also explain the unique attributes of this product. After downloading the Xiaodu APP, the headset and mobile phone can achieve more linkage. In the middle of the earphones on both sides, there are raised touch parts, which can wake up the function of the earphone with a light tap. The touch function of both ears can be set, providing up to 7 different function combinations. To sum up, you only need to wake up the voice assistant function “Xiaodu Xiaodu” to provide you with excellent high-recognition voice control and excellent program calling capabilities.

The third paragraph, JBL TUNE 215TWS

The third paragraph, JBL TUNE 215TWS
Recommended reason: The color is small and fresh, and the sound quality is the bright spot. The bass is very suitable for those who like to listen to the bass.

TUNE 215 TWS adopts the usual packaging style of JBL portable earplugs. Although the materials used for the charging box and earplug shell of TUNE 215 TWS are all plastic, the surface is sandblasted and the texture is still very good, without the feeling of cheap . The charging box is an irregular oblate shape with a JBL three-dimensional LOGO in the middle. There are three white LED indicators below the LOGO to indicate the power of the charging box. Regular in-ear wear, the long small tail makes it more secure. It looks more visual and more comfortable, and it will also improve the clarity of the call. The mainstream Type-C interface, and supports fast charging, can be used for 1 hour after 15 minutes.

The fourth paragraph, FIIL T1 Pro

Recommended reason: the simple FIIL wind configuration upgrade is very awesome, supports Bluetooth 5.2

FIIL T1 Pro has ANC+ENC two-way noise reduction, and uses Bluetooth 5.2, which is leading most Bluetooth headsets. The lightweight and compact charging box has a long battery life and supports wireless charging. Bluetooth 5.2 has lower power consumption, stronger anti-interference, and more stable connection. As an excellent noise reduction headset, FIIL T1 Pro is equipped with a dedicated digital noise reduction chip, using MAF noise control, for subway, bus, In-depth optimization of noise reduction algorithms for various scenes such as airplanes, and the filtering effect of environmental noise is quite good. The custom-made 6.1mm neodymium magnet dynamic coil and the titanium-plated high-density composite diaphragm provide good transient and detailed performance of the high frequency of the music. Coupled with the AAC+SBC Bluetooth audio decoding, the sound quality presented is perfect.