17 mobile phones in 10 years, which of these mobile phones have won the highest award in the design world, which ones have you used? Part II

Apple-spark global limited

The reason given by the iF jury is:

The product has a very elegant design and is very practical. Especially for sports users, this smartphone is the first choice, because its waterproof and dustproof performance makes it a very special product. It can be said that it is a symbiosis of function and elegance.

2013: iPhone 5, BlackBerry Porsche Design P”9981

The black version of iPhone 5 still seems to amaze me. Its brand new 7.6mm anodized aluminum body is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S. In addition, its diamond-cut chamfered edges look very delicate. The 4-inch Retina display, the new A6 chip, and the 8-megapixel iSight camera all make it a leader in the sea. Won the’iF Design Gold Award’ deserves its name.

▲ Picture from: macworld
▲ Picture from: macworld

The iF jury said in the’awarding speech’:

The larger screen means that the new generation iPhone iPhone 5 is bigger, but lighter, and can still be held in the hand perfectly. It is powerful and designed to make it the best solution in the field of smartphones. For us, it is the best product on the market, and even the display resolution is very high. Congratulations again this year for winning the iF Gold Award.

Another BlackBerry Porsche Design P9981 won the’Red Dot Best Design Award’. This phone is the first product that Porsche Design has entered the mobile phone field. The body of the BlackBerry P9981 adopts an integrated stainless steel frame design. The back cover and charger are made of Italian high-end leather. The screen, back cover and charger of the BlackBerry P9981 are all assembled by hand. But the price of more than 10,000 yuan did not make it impress most people.

▲ Picture from: motortrend
▲ Picture from: motortrend

The red review panel believes:

BlackBerry Porsche Design P9981 can provide users with the highest level of the latest technology experience. What is fascinating is the highly intuitive operation of its interface. The phone has a timeless, perfect, and sophisticated modern appearance.

2014: 5 mobile phones awarded

2014 is the year with the largest number of award-winning mobile phones in the past 10 years. Let’s start with LG G Flex, which won both the “Red Dot Best Design Award” and the “iF Design Gold Award”. In fact, it is more like an experimental phone: 6-inch flexible curved screen, curved body, bendable battery, magic back cover self-healing technology, all make it look very different.

▲ Picture from: wired
▲ Picture from: wired

The red review panel said:

The innovative curved shape of the LG G Flex smartphone has many advantages. It can smoothly and naturally adapt to the contours of the user’s face. Therefore, when using multimedia functions, the mobile phone can provide clear communication and immersion.

After the separation of Sony and Ericsson, Sony again won the’Red Dot Best Design Award’ with the Xperia Z ultra. The 6.44-inch screen makes it one of the representatives of large-screen mobile phones. The front and rear glass panels and aluminum frame make it large and not bulky. The symmetrical design and thin body give it a very prominent industrial style.

The’awarding speech’ given by the red review panel is:

Xperia Z Ultra is fascinating with its perfect symmetry. It has an ultra-thin design and can be placed in the hand well at any angle. The details of this smartphone are very fine. Its innovative design combined with well-thought-out features can provide a novel and engaging experience.

This year, iPhone 5c won the’iF Design Gold Award’. To be honest, I don’t like the design of iPhone 5c very much. I always feel that it lacks a sense of refinement compared to iPhone 5s. But looking at the back, the iPhone 5c can be said to use plastic materials to the extreme, and it doesn’t feel cheap like plastic. In addition, it does not expose the antenna like the iPhone 5s, and looks more integrated.

The iF jury considered:

The new color adds freshness to the product and makes it full of vitality. This is a product that has performed well in the market.

Perhaps iF prefers colorful fuselages, and the colorful Nokia Asha 501 won the’iF Design Gold Award’ in the same year. This phone is equipped with Nokia’s new Asha system, but its configuration is relatively low-end, a bit like a cheap version of the Lumia series.

▲ Picture from: nokiamuseum
▲ Picture from: nokiamuseum

The reasons given by the iF jury are:

Asha 501 has been carefully designed at a very reasonable price. The color shell of the mobile phone has formed a strong personality and resonated with the market.

This year, another domestic mobile phone received the favor of the iF jury and won the’iF Design Gold Award’. It is The New HTC One. It is the world’s first all-metal smartphone, and its sharp corners make it appear capable and simple. HTC One is equipped with a 4.7-inch 1080P screen, and the special UltraPixel super pixel camera is also very interesting.

▲ Picture from: unwire
▲ Picture from: unwire