13 million pixel “AI Eyes” camera

Green yellow is plain leather, green yellow is plain leather

 Each generation of Huawei’s smart screen cameras will have new ways to play. This time the 13-megapixel “AI Eyes” camera adopts a magnetic link design and supports up and down rotation. We can adjust the camera angle according to usage needs. It can be disassembled at any time when not in use to maximize user privacy and safety. Compared to the lift-up design, I think it is more convenient and safer to disassemble.

13 million pixel “AI Eyes” camera

  On the whole, the overall design of Huawei’s smart screen S series is minimalist and does not have a lot of exaggerated designs, but it is indeed very attractive.

Smarter interaction

  I remember when Huawei’s first-generation smart screen was released, what impressed me the most was its rich and interesting smart functions. Huawei smart screens also opened up a new era of smart TVs.

  Based on the previous two generations of products, Huawei’s smart screen S series has added distributed games, smart screen K songs, and video doorbells, which are more in line with the tonality of young people.

  Huawei Smart Screen S series develops a new distributed game function based on the distributed capabilities of the Hongmeng system. After installing and running the game and establishing a connection with the mobile phone, the mobile phone can be used to replace the gamepad to control the game; for some games that require the application of gravity sensors or gyroscopes (Such as racing cars), the touch screen of the mobile phone and the gravity sensor or gyroscope can be automatically invoked for control through distributed capabilities.

Distributed gameDistributed game

  We tried the “Let’s Speed ​​Together” game. After opening the “Let’s Speed ​​Together” game on the smart screen, connect the smart screen with the mobile phone’s smart screen APP, and turn on the “Mirroring Control Screen” function to synchronize with the screen. The gyroscope sensor on the mobile phone controls the left and right direction of the car, watching the big screen and playing games. The overall operation is quite smooth, but for novices, you need to get used to it.

Smart screen K songSmart screen K song

  Huawei Smart Screen S series cooperated with National K Song to develop new smart screen K song functions. The functions are also rich. It feels even more complete than KTV. After the completion, it also supports mobile phone sharing, and can exchange K song records with the mobile phone. information.