12499 Motorola Razr 5g sky gold opening appointment: Chinese special color

12499 Motorola Razr 5g sky gold opening appointment: Chinese special color

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In 2013, apple added champagne gold to the iPhone 5S for the first time. As soon as the iPhone 5S was released, it was scrambled by many domestic consumers.


A user who bought the golden iPhone 5S once said that he didn’t care about the configuration of the phone, just because gold is one of the most popular colors in China.


After that, in order to meet the needs of the Chinese market, the major mobile phone manufacturers have launched mobile phones with gold color.


Recently, Motorola released the Razr 5g Tianxuan gold version, and opened an appointment yesterday. It was officially put on sale on December 22 at a price of 12499 yuan. This version is only unique in the Chinese market.


In September this year, Motorola launched its first 5g folding screen mobile phone, Motorola Razr 5g, which continues the unique flip design of Razr V3, adopts vertical folding and provides Fengya black color.


It is reported that the screen part of Razr 5g is one of the biggest highlights of the machine.


Because the folding screen mobile phone is limited by the screen technology to a large extent, the screen crease has become the most difficult problem for mobile phone manufacturers.


Motorola has brought the industry-leading star orbit rotating shaft technology with more than 100 folding innovation patents for Razr 5g, which can effectively solve the problems of fragile and easily creased screens of folding screen mobile phones.


According to the official introduction, the Motorola blade 5g folding screen mobile phone not only allows the screen to fold completely in half without creases; on the other hand, the elastic metal plates on both sides tighten the display screen to keep the screen flat all the time.


At the same time, with the support of the satellite orbit axis technology, the screen has passed 200000 times of folding test, which greatly improves the screen life.


In terms of configuration, the Razr 5g uses a 6.2-inch OLED display screen (the secondary screen size is 2.7 inches), carries a high pass snapdragon 765G chip, has a built-in 2800mah battery, and supports 15W fast charging.


I believe that users who like Motorola are deeply impressed by the Razr blade series. Both the popular Motorola V3 and the droid Razr series can be regarded as a symbol of Motorola.