11 rumors of iPhone 13

In addition to under-screen fingerprint unlocking

The magical year of 2020 is finally over. After entering 2021, many technology fans are looking forward to new products. The focus is definitely inseparable from the iPhone13 series. Recently, foreign media has counted 11 rumors of iPhone 13, including 120Hz screen refresh rate, returning to fingerprint unlocking and other functions. So how many will come true? What amazing new features will Apple bring?

1.LTPO OLED screen

11 rumors of iPhone 13
LTPO is a new OLED panel technology. Adding an oxide layer to the panel layer can increase the screen refresh rate. This function consumes a lot of power, so it can automatically switch the screen refresh rate according to the content of the display screen, reducing power consumption and higher battery life . This is also the reason why this year’s iPhone 12 series did not achieve a 120Hz screen refresh rate.

2.120Hz screen refresh rate

Before the iPhone 12 was released, someone had revealed the underlying code of iOS14, suggesting that it would use a 120Hz refresh rate. However, due to the shrinking battery capacity, the 120Hz refresh rate cannot meet the battery life, so the iPhone 13 once again reported a 120Hz screen refresh rate, but this time the screen material will be upgraded to an LTPO OLED panel, so it is more worth looking forward to.

3. Under-screen fingerprint unlock

At the end of 2020, Apple applied for shortwave infrared imaging technology, mainly for fingerprint unlocking. This has led many analysts to predict that the iPhone 13 is likely to adopt the patent to realize the fingerprint unlocking function under the screen through the principle of infrared shortwave, making it more convenient to unlock the iPhone 13. After all, users now wear masks when they go out, so fingerprint unlocking is very practical.

4. Fingerprint unlock

In addition to under-screen fingerprint unlocking
In addition to under-screen fingerprint unlocking, iPhone13 is likely to refer to iPadAir4, using the side fingerprint unlocking function. Even if there is no under-screen fingerprint unlocking, the iPhone 13’s new side fingerprint unlocking is more convenient than 3D face recognition unlocking.

5. Apple A15 processor

Apple will use TSMC’s 5nm+ process technology this year, and Apple’s A15 processor will be TSMC’s largest order. The new Apple A15 processor will increase additional power efficiency and reduce mobile phone power consumption. It is expected to be mass-produced in the third quarter. In terms of CPU and GPU performance, it will be more than 30% higher than the A14 processor.

6. New LiDAR sensor

Apple has added LiDAR sensors to the iPhone 12Pro and 12ProMax. In addition to measuring the distance of the scene, it also improves the camera capabilities. And now it is reported that the iPhone13 series will all use LiDAR sensors, which means that it is not limited to Pro models. Then the overall camera capabilities of Apple phones will be greatly improved. This may be the most anticipated feature of iPhone13.

7. Screen size

It is expected that the iPhone13 series will be the same as the iPhone12 series, with 4 models remaining the same size. However, since the iPhone 12mini has been sold, sales have been sluggish. Instead, the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have become the world’s best-selling 5G phones in just a few weeks. Is Apple still confident to continue to launch the iPhone 13mini?

8.1TB capacity

Starting from iOS 14.3, iPhone 12 Pro will support RAW files to enhance the effect of photo shooting. But 512G storage capacity is obviously not enough for some users, and it is also reported on the market that iPhone13ProMax will support up to 1TB storage capacity.

9. Cancel the wired charging port

Apple may cancel the wired port in the future. The main purpose is not to use the UBS-C jack for the iPhone, so wireless charging will become standard. So cut off the wired charging, will the charging speed of the iPhone 13 series increase?

10. Shortened bangs

From iPhoneX to iPhone12, Apple has experienced four generations of models, and the bangs have not been shortened. So will the iPhone 13 series shorten the bangs? It is rumored that Apple has already improved the bangs on the screen, but it is still unknown whether it will actually be adopted on the new machine. To be sure, the call to cancel bangs has always been high.

11. The first folding iPhone

Samsung and Huawei have successively launched folding screen mobile phones. It is rumored that Apple will also launch two folding screen mobile phones in 2021, and they have been sent to Foxconn to pass the folding test. One is to fold the upper and lower screens in half, and the other is to fold left and right. The current rumors are still in the testing stage, which one will be released, many fans are looking forward to it.

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