netizen named foxhoundelta reported that he bought a Xiaomi

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With Apple’s follow-up, dual card mobile phones are becoming more and more common. However, some foreign operators still refuse, probably because they want to restrict the contract aircraft from mixing with competitive companies.


According to foreign media reports, Xiaomi 10t pro (domestic redmi k30s supreme commemorative version), which was launched overseas not long ago, encountered an embarrassing scene.


A netizen named foxhoundelta reported that he bought a Xiaomi 10t pro from telcel, a Mexican operator. When he was about to insert a second SIM card, he found that the position of the secondary card was sealed with plastic sheet and water.


Not only that, foxhoundelta also found that after removing the plastic sheet, the dual card function software was also blocked.


Tracing back to telcel’s Xiaomi 10t Pro product promotion page, we found that there was no description of dual card. When Xiaomi released this product, it also said that the dual card support may vary from region to region.

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Even so, foxhoundelta plans to sue the operator, which claims to have 280 million subscribers, for allowing it to get a disabled product without prior notice.