Hongmeng OS can realize multi-screen linkage

Compared with the predecessor X and V series, the overall design of the S series is much simpler, especially the base design is very clever, the official name is called the ultimate metal ice skate base. Not only saves space, but also easy to install.

The advantage of such a simple design is that it allows users to focus more on the screen itself, minimizes the visual proportion of elements such as the base, and allows the screen to truly occupy the C position. spark global limited

Huawei S series adopts direct-down full-screen technology, which can achieve frontal vision without borders on three sides. The screen-to-body ratios of the three size models are high, 96.2% (55 inches), 96.65% (65 inches), 95.5% (75 inches) .

Hongmeng OS can realize multi-screen linkageHongmeng OS can realize multi-screen linkage

The entire screen adopts pure color LED lights as the backlight source, making the color gamut coverage higher than ordinary color gamut, reaching 92% DCI-P3.

The biggest thing to watch on the screen is the 120HZ refresh rate. Huawei shared a set of data on the spot. The current global shipment of 120Hz screens is 13.6 million units, accounting for 6.2% of the total.

In addition to the 55-inch version, the Huawei Smart Screen S series is equipped with a 120Hz high refresh rate screen. Combined with Huawei’s fast compensation algorithm, it can dynamically insert the 24/30fps low frame rate source on the network to 120 frames to solve the 60Hz screen. Existing problems such as stuttering, after-image, and tailing.

This time, Huawei Smart Screen S series 65 and 75 inches are also available in Pro versions. Compared with the normal version, the “AI Eyes” camera has been added.

Each generation of Huawei’s smart screen cameras will have new ways to play. This time the 13-megapixel “AI Eyes” camera adopts a magnetic link design and supports up and down rotation. We can adjust the camera angle according to usage needs. It can be disassembled at any time when not in use to maximize user privacy and safety.

I remember that when Huawei’s first generation of smart screens was released, what impressed users the most was the rich and interesting smart features. Huawei smart screens also opened up a new era of smart TVs.

Added functions such as distributed games, smart screen K song, and video doorbell spark global limited

In terms of smart interaction, Huawei’s smart screen S series has added distributed games, smart screen K songs, and video doorbells based on the previous two generations, which are more in line with the tonality of young people.

In the configuration part, Huawei’s smart screen S series are all equipped with Honghu smart chips, using dual-core A53 + dual-core A73 architecture, with a main frequency of 1.5GHZ.

Among them, S55, S65, and S75 inches use a combination of 3GB memory + 16GB storage, while S Pro 65 and S Pro 75 use 3GB memory + 32GB storage.

Huawei Smart Selection Car Smart Screen

Another product at the press conference is Huawei’s smart car smart screen. This product was unveiled at the Huawei Mate 40 National Bank conference, but no more information was disclosed. This time, Huawei’s smart selection car smart screen is also officially released in China. As the first in-vehicle smart screen equipped with distributed technology in China, Huawei’s smart selection car smart screen is also the first after-mounted car product supported by HUAWEI HiCar.

Huawei mart Selection Car Smart Screen uses 8.9-inch IPS screen

Huawei Smart Selection Car Smart Screen uses an 8.9-inch IPS screen and a 16:6 wide screen. Except for the first Bluetooth connection, it will automatically connect after getting on the car. There is no need to manually reconnect. The car smart screen automatically connects (currently only supports Huawei phones).

HUAWEI smart selection car smart screen adopts 360-degree adjustable base design

In addition, due to Bluetooth compatibility issues, most after-loading machines in the domestic industry cannot connect the equipment with the original car audio. Through HUAWEI HiCar’s “audio-visual separation” technology, the car smart screen can realize Wi-Fi transmission of image data and Bluetooth transmission of audio data, so as to support connection to the original car’s car audio.